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Spanish Civil War

Article about: saludos y enhorabuena desde madrid :>)

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    Default Spanish Civil War

    Hello guys,
    I'll post some military items I've found in the Spanish Civil War battlefields, in south Catalonia (Batalla del Ebro), the last battle of this war. There is no too much stuff, but if you go on walking trough this battlefield, you always find something.
    I've never been there with metal detector, because I think that we have to preserve this place for a future planifications of battlefield archaelogy, that's the reason why I'm studying History in the University of Barcelona, because here in Spain anybody has done anything about battlefield archaeology.
    I think that we have to promote this kind of archaeology in Spain, and with this thread I want to divulge this problem.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 13 (Small).JPG   18 (Small).JPG  

    20 (Small).JPG   21 (Small).JPG  

    27 (Small).JPG   30 (Small).JPG  

    39 (Small).JPG   40 (Small).JPG  

    43 (Small).JPG   50 (Small).JPG  

    51 (Small).JPG   52 (Small).JPG  

    56 (Small).JPG   58 (Small).JPG  

    59 (Small).JPG   60 (Small).JPG  

    61 (Small).JPG   62 (Small).JPG  

    63 (Small).JPG  

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    are there tooth-bones?

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    Yes there are.

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    More pics???

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    Hi Sepulhead, I am amazed there is that much stuff left on the battlefields. I have spent alot of time in the south of Catalonia and never heard of this place. You are right when you say they are not doing anything to commemorate or preserve this place. You need to keep this place a secret or the teenagers will go up there and dig that stuff up because they think it's cool. Keep up your studies and when you graduate, go up there and dig up the battlefield in the correct manner. Thanks alot for posting the photos.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    Hi Jay, Catalonian government hasn't done anything to protect this battlefield place, over the years a lot of people have gone there to search military items, destroying the evidences of the battle. I hope this situation will change.
    Thank you for the support my iniciative, because it's a real tragedy.

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    Sepulhead, I have a sneaking suspicion that the C.E.D.A. and Fascist Falange troops were victorious in this battle, and most of those remains laying out there are of Republican soldiers. I can't believe Franco would have left his dead without burial, due to his strong Catholic beliefs. It is believable that the Republicans would do so. Well, I will join your mission. I will talk with family there in Sitges. Although I will say, from conversations I have had along the Catalonian coast, there is still great love for Franco and dislike for the 2nd Spanish Republic leaders. It's simply terrible those remains have been left out there like that. Something must be done.


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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    Hi Jay, you're right, Franco's army won this battle and that victory represented the total defeat of Republican army, because it was their last effort. Most probably is that this remains from this battlefield were from Republican soldiers, because of Franco's sodiers were buried with military honours but republican soldier's remains were buried in mass graves in unknown places around the battlefield place, and it's a really hard work to find them, because the territory where the battle had place is too vast.
    Here in Spain there's a big duality of opinions about Franco, and it's too complicated to explain because of my limitated english knowledge. I'm sorry.

    Many thanks for your interest about this topic, I hope this project will go on.

    Regards from Barcelona

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    impresionante sepulhead.aqui en el frente de aragon,encontramos cosas,pero amenor escala,por supuesto.

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    Default Re: Spanish Civil War

    Hola Longues, la verdad es que la batalla del Ebro fue algo inhumano en cuanto al gasto de material y de vidas humanas. Cada cota de esta zona fue defendida hasta el último soldado.
    Saludos desde Barcelona.

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