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A spearhead ? Found on east-Europe Battelfield.

Article about: Hi there guys, I need some advice on this relic. We've found it on a ww2 Battlefield, but it really looks like a hand-made cast iron spearhead. Can anyone tell me if I am right? Kr

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    To answer your question-Yes, it is definitely Not shrapnel or something modern. It looks to be Very old, and should, as has been already said, reported to the proper experts for investigation-along with the "other bits that are much older!" Looks like you accidentally found a archeology piece! (Viking era spear tip?)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    To me as an archaeologist it looks like a late iron age spearhead from approx 400-600 AD. I recommend showing it to a museum!



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    Try and post some more pics and info regarding the find and i am sure we can find a German member assisting in reporting these objects I am Danish but in Russia. Not the optimal solution. Had i been in Denmark, no problem.

    Regards, Lars

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