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Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

Article about: by Sebastien I have not the metal detector I am feeling my ass where to dig Right now I have eyes, hands, feet and my spade is all that I use in my hobby

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    Very nice condition on that Black Verwundetenabzeichen for sure...I've noticed over the years that Stalingrad relics, especially helmets and awards generally show more deterioration than those found on other battlefields...I believe it's the soil there...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    The BWB must surely have been wrapped in something secure or inside a box? I can't imagine it surviving in such condition simply laying in the soil.
    I asked my friend, he says that BWB was only in soil, ID tag too

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    Quote by me109g4 View Post
    curious to know how many spent cartridges were found at this location??
    Today, I counted all spent cartridges ... about 1800 pcs

    There was a nervous atmosphere

    Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

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    Wow, that's a lotta brass!

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    Not to mention, a Hellacious amount of Death...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    that was good for a few barrel changes I am sure. Thank you Sebastien for taking the time to satisfy my curiousity.

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    if i remember correctly 1800 rounds was the exact amount of ammo a MG squad was assigned

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    hey...I see you are form Seattle I spend a lot of time there...every now and then.....after all the relics I have seen form this area...most of the ones in the surroundings (airfields) are in very bad shape, yet I seem to recall about the time I got my lid...several had the same condition....rather solid with some paint and decals....

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    Quote by Sebastien View Post
    Guys, help me. We also found out there's this piece of metal ...
    Attachment 524669
    Attachment 524670
    Hi guys!My friend from Russia told me about this piece of metal ...This piece of metal from the British tank The Infantry Tank Mark II, Matilda II

    Echoes from the Lend-Lease again

    Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak
    Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak
    Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

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    yea i know but will love to have one german helmet from stalingrad ,,,,

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