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Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

Article about: by Sebastien I have not the metal detector I am feeling my ass where to dig Right now I have eyes, hands, feet and my spade is all that I use in my hobby

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    I just posted this same on my own Blog but feel ti is appropriate to also post on Sebastian's blog as it is extremely relevant to the Stalingrad story ~

    Hope it is as big a revelation to others as it was to me as i just found out abut this new movie this morning ~

    Has any else heard of CGI Network ?

    If you have watched a movie, a documentary on television or theatre ~ you HAVE experienced CGI

    They a computer graphics engineering group ~

    The CGI folks are about to release new movie ~ “Stalingrad’

    Here is a sweetner ~ prelude ~

    Making of Stalingrad
    Making of Stalingrad

    Hold the thought that 90% of the video is NOT real ~ as can seen the images are super imposed via 3 D onto real Volgagrad / Stalinggrad topography !

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    Not a revelation for me as far as CGI goes, but still a wild video just the same. Thanks for sharing!

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    The movie has been out for weeks worldwide via Torrent Network if that's your thing.

    Also to point out that its been made in Russian language and not English , subtitles are available .

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    The film "Stalingrad" of Bondarchuk is the worst film about war ... even computer graphics did not help it ... there all mixed up ... like in a salad. And there's nothing authentic

    I'm sick of these frames from the film ... I am sorry that the Russian cinematography produces films - like this shit ...


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    Do not be Sorry ~

    I am glad to hear your feed back ~ I am saddened to hear that it is far less than we expected ~

    After All CGI is world renowned for their computer graphic art ~ but if you found the video rubbish ~ So be it ~

    In fact I am glad to hear your comment ~ as I did wonder if in fact the video film was bound to be little more than a remake from a War Video Game !

    (BTW the way ~ I also believe that WWII Video games are disrespectful to all that fought in WWII ~ and frown on them!)

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    The Heinkel 111 in the first shot held together well for an Aluminium structure.

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    Just a quick note to hope that Andrey and his girl have kept safe from the recent violence in Volgograd...Keep your antennas up, Lad!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Sebastien View Post
    My friend, I'll write in private massege

    You remember I told you about the idea to find traces of paratroopers in Stalingrad ... but now I have only unclear maps of their general location and I know that there is a book about them, it 4. Kompanie / Fallschirmjäger Fla-MG-Btl.7

    Here in Russian museums do not need it ...
    Only private collectors may be buy for the restoration and use in films...

    G'day Andrey,
    Back in post 651 you had some images that I believed were early FG42 mags. May help you with your Fallschirmjager quest mate.


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    Quote by Sebastien View Post
    And the German helmet, M35, in good condition ... Battle damaged

    Attachment 521518
    Attachment 521519
    Attachment 521520
    Attachment 521521

    Attachment 521522
    Attachment 521523
    Hi Sebastien, is this helmet forsale? I would love to buy this

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Just a quick note to hope that Andrey and his girl have kept safe from the recent violence in Volgograd...Keep your antennas up, Lad!
    I'll second that. Watch your six in Volgograd.
    Horrible, what happened there.

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