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Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

Article about: by Sebastien I have not the metal detector I am feeling my ass where to dig Right now I have eyes, hands, feet and my spade is all that I use in my hobby

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    Sebastien, Many thanks for the pictures and information. I can share more info on Herr Stramm, with you if you like.

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    Cheers Sebastien it's been almost 2 years since i've been on this threat so i have a lot to catch up, but as i was scrolling trough the pages i noticed this "ID tag Romanian soldier Ion Balint, he of 992 battalion, 1932 recruitment" , and since i'm a Romanian too and both of my grandparents fought in WW2 i was wondering what do you guys do with those tags, do you notify the proper authorities that will in return inform the authorities in my country and those will inform the family of the dead soldier that his tag was found ? i'm just wandering what's next...

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    Hi Bebyko
    Here in Russia are no representatives of Romania.
    If we find the remains of the Romanian soldiers then their takes Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (VDK)

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    Quite sad to hear that, do you know what VDK does with them ? Good luck with the digging you are doing a great job btw.

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    Ministry of Defence
    Sanitary Service
    Individual Medickit
    For first aid use
    Against Gas and Wounds

    On the other side it's instructions.

    I found one on a local auction site :veche trusa idividuala de prim ajutor.-armata romana- - Okazii (52630691)

    13 lei = 3 euros aprox.

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    Quote by Sebastien View Post
    This is what it sounds ...
    ... Only when he has the exact purpose ... departed tanks ... the wounded were sent back to the gun limber ...

    [nur wenn ein genaues Ziel habt … abgedrungene Panzer … Verwundete wurden zurueck abgeschickt mit der Protze]

    After equipped with a position ... a month (?) ... The order for a change in position. Division, went on the offensive. Began.

    [Nachdem die Stellung ausgebaut… Monats (?)… Befehl zum Kampfstellungswechsel. Division greift an… Na ging es los]

    In the village ... again was our platoon ...* Lieutenant ... went there ... neighboring 14 company ...

    […Dorf war wieder unser Zug … Leutnant … geht dorthin… Links angelegente 14. Kompanie …]

    Four machines ... - T-34 ...

    […Vier Stueck – T-34…]

    […14 Kompanie… …Panzer Alarm…]

    600 meters from us Line of Fire (?) Was clean, however ... no let a shot ...
    Tanks, whose next target ... and calculations fully fled and were in full protection ...

    [600 Meter weg… schiess klar … allerdings … getroffen ohne Wirkung]
    [Den Panzer denen nachste Ziele … und die Bedienung in voller Deckung und uberhaupt in Beschuetzung]

    Now they drove another 300 meters, and we have received the order to fire projectiles new system - anti-tank shells 40, - shot after shot, every shot - hit all flies up in the air!

    [Nun diese fahren noch 300 Meter fern und wir erfahren Befehl mit neue Munition Schuss – Panzer-Granate 40 Fuer oeffnen, eh – Schuss auf Schuss, jede Schuss – ein Treffer, alles in die Luft!]
    [Jeder Schuss – Treffer, alles in die Luft, alles abgebrannt!]

    Tell me you have more of this, i'm f***ing amazed.

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    Excellent little Video !

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    andrey i wait for new photos and findings...

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    Default Reichwehr belt buckles

    Over the years, I have bought some Reichwehr belt buckles for the baltic states, and I ahve seen them in some digs here and there. I assumed that they were worn by the very late Wehrmacht formations, made up of men with a miscellaneous collection of arms and lacking almost every thing. But Sebastion shows two Reichwehr buckles from Stalingrad. Can I assume then that these buckles did not get replaced in the field army as fast as collectors and reenactors believe? (As an aside, I remember a dig from Stalingrad that showed a 1847 Hessian buckle. Never found that picture again, so it may be misremembered!) Anyway, why I find this topic of when and where the early buckles were worn is beyond me. But thanks for showing the great finds.


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    Quote by paulus View Post
    andrey i wait for new photos and findings...
    Alas my friend
    My car broke down in January. And I still repair my car, I can not ride on the battlefield and I can not dig.
    I have not free time and have different problems.

    Sorry guys, I did not dig the past three months

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