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Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

Article about: by Sebastien I have not the metal detector I am feeling my ass where to dig Right now I have eyes, hands, feet and my spade is all that I use in my hobby

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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    I would very much doubt that, i would think that the "ground found MP40" was "seeded" prior to being filmed, any person trying to fire a weapon thats been in the ground for 70 odd years is either suicidal or just plain loco, not only would they risk their life but also causing injury to anyone standing nearby, plus the rust involved in the weapon couldnt be cleaned out that thoroughly for any attempt to fire it, and why the "Russian Mafia" would want WW2 weapons ive no idea, they can afford modern, more maintainable firearms with modern ammunition

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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    Well, is it so good? For example You will find a P38 during renovation works from Your house. If You want to keep it You need to have a gun licence. If You do not have it, you have to make it during next 6 months. And it all takes money and time. Your time and Your money. So no wonder many people do not report about such finds to anyone. Just too may problems. And if You will find a brand new stgw or Mp you have to give it away anyway. Because according to our laws it is not possible to own such things. So just imagine - you just found a MP40 from Your attic. It is has been there for the last 65 years, in very good condition. What would You do? The only propper answer I can give you is to call to police... And they will take it away and destroy.

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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    Quote by Frundsberg View Post
    The only propper answer I can give you is to call to police... And they will take it away and destroy.
    Or sell it themselves. I know one person in Moscow region, he had a perfectly legal shop here. He got all his items "confiscated", even the WW1 items. He could do nothing about it. It was not even weapons. And as i said, the shop was absolutely legal. All Swastika covered with stickers and so on. They could have closed i don't know how many shops if it was for a legal reason, but they just wanted some money and he was the "lucky" one.

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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak


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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    While I can understand why someone would want to keep an MP40 freshly dug out somewhere, I am also quite happy with the strict gun laws in most of Western Europe. Just compare the number of people being shot (to death) in liberal countries like the US (liberal only in the sense of gun laws) to Western European countries.

    Even if the borders are not closed by an iron curtain and numerous border controls any more and more illegal weapons are probably around, there is still a huge difference to places without strict laws - or with laws not applied properly.

    This does not mean that I would not like to see a more sensible approach with regard to totally unusable relics. Common sense and beaurocracy is a different thing, tho.



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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    Ok guys lets not get the thread too far off topic, if anyone wants to continue discussing gun laws and ownership issues please start a thread elsewhere,


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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    What happened with this thread ????

    I don't like that!

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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    Guys. I can fully understand a conversation on the subjects shown over the last two pages of this thread will create a lot of comment. However, this is Sebastien's thread about his finds from around Stalingrad, not a discussion board.

    If you have finds you would like to show, please start your own thread and don't post them in Sebastien's.

    Now, perhaps if we refrain from upsetting Sebastien he may post some new pictures soon. But if he doesn't, that does not mean others can !

    I've just had to delete over 20 messages. Please let's not let the thread get off track like that again.


    Steve T

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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    Wow, I just spent two hours reading and looking at the pictures. You are a dedicated man and I would like to have had the opportunity to see this stuff with you when it came out of the ground. I greatly admire your work!


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    Default Re: Stalingrad: digging near Gorodisсhe & Gumrak

    Hi friends!

    Shit happens ...

    If your job interfere with your hobby, then you should give up work ...

    Spring came, but I dig a very rare ... I have a little free time and a lot of problems ...

    These are my finds ...
    bullets are very old, it's a civil war, 1918-1920 ...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Фото002.jpg   IMG_1869.jpg  

    IMG_1877.JPG   IMG_1878.jpg  

    IMG_1879.jpg   IMG_1882.jpg  

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