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Stone cannon balls?

Article about: I have several stone cannon balls found in the Great Miami river from the old Ft Hamilton OH. from the US indian wars. does any one know their value?

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    Quote by brutas View Post
    Hi , I found a very round stone some time ago in my garden whilst digging up a bush , It's about three and a half inches diameter , and very round like a ball , It looks identical to some i found on the in an internet search which were found some years ago , and sold for about £2000 each . I would show a photo , but have no idea how to on here .

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	869933 Is this a cannonball?

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    From the one photo looks like it

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    Is there anyway I could find out for sure ?

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    It is unlikely that you will be able to get more than an educated guess based on size (calibre) of the ball, where it was found if known. how it appears to have been constructed etc. Unlike modern munitions these were often made in the field so many huge varieties and sizes exist. Could be a cannon ball but also could be made for decorative purposes. Often a bit of a leap of faith with these objects.

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    I found it in my garden in Norfolk england, would they know if I took it to a museum?

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    Hi Jim,

    It is unlikely that anyone will say 100% that it is a canon ball. It would be worthwhile doing some local research to find if there was any fighting/battles around where you found it. These were used extensively during the civil war in the UK so that may be a start point.

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    All I know is there was a war which resulted in king Edmond of East anglia to die in hoxne a mile down the road I'm not sure if it could be linked tho

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    Quote by JimR View Post
    All I know is there was a war which resulted in king Edmond of East anglia to die in hoxne a mile down the road I'm not sure if it could be linked tho
    That was in the 9th century, first recorded use of cannon anywhere in Europe was in Spain during the Islamic wars in the 13th century. First recorded use of cannon by the English was at the Battle of Crecy in France in 1346, so 14th century.

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