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Stone cannon balls?

Article about: I have several stone cannon balls found in the Great Miami river from the old Ft Hamilton OH. from the US indian wars. does any one know their value?

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    Default Stone cannon balls?

    I thought I might just ask here, incase someone might have some kind of idea. In my grans front garden is a stone sphere about 6 inches in diameter, I have no idea what it is, but I has been shaped like that by hand, one idea is that its some form of cannon ball. I'll get some pics If I can find it again. So does anyone have any idea if such a thing even existed?


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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Yep, Mr Cromwell flattened a hall local to me that was owned by a catholic family, ive one in the garden too that my granfather found whilst ploughing some land near it during the war, its quite a size, ill get a pic and pop it on....


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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Hi danny,
    Stone cannon balls were used before and along side iron ones,
    they were even used at sea. the stone cannon ball was cheaper than the iron version and did more damage to troops as they shattered easier, and took more men down. They would have been used long before the English civil war and during it also.
    I hope you find it as i would like to see some pics.

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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Thanks very much for the info, I'll have look for it but the garden is quite big and overgrown But if I find it I'll get some pics up asap.


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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Stone cannon balls were the fragmentation grenades of their day

    As the guys above have pointed out

    Can't wait to see the photo

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Hi Danny and other gentlemen

    Err..right! I found grandads "cannonball" in the garden, as you can see from the pic its huge, not exactly spherical and seems to be made from local sandstone so probably not ideal in a projectile, (Ive placed a delicate ancient artifact next to it to help guage its size)

    It has some gouges in it which probably came from being ploughed a good few times before, so I think its most likely a piece of ornimental masonary from when Mercaston hall was originally battered (The part with the priest hole still remains)

    Ild still like to think it was a cannonball, but the ordinance to shift it from its supposed firing location at Weston Underwood, a good half mile or so, would have been massive.

    So im sorry gents! hope to see a propper stone ball on here sometime.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC00352.jpg  

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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    The other pics
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC00350.jpg   DSC00351.jpg  

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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    No cannonball that one sorry, looks a bit "manufactured" though.. I´ll bring mine back from our summerhome. It´s one made of granite and prpably used in the Maritime 1800-1809 war in Finland.

    Rgds Jan

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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Thanks for the pics reg and dragging it out the field, must have been one massive cannon that fired that if it is a cannon ball looks interesting though.
    Thanks guys, I wasnt expecting such a big response for such strange items.


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    Default Re: Stone cannon balls?

    Nice one Reg,

    Although i think it looks more like Barney Rubbles spare wheel than a cannonball.

    Never mind eh? God loves a trier, remember that....

    Lovin' it, Ned.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 6a00e54ed49fcb88330115723860f6970b-320wi.jpg  
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