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Tag-tastic weekend

Article about: All over the UK stand the remains of long abandoned Army camps, some going back Centuries. Many however were constructed during war time particularly during the First and Second World Wars.

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    One thing you will find is that as you go deeper there is less oxygen and things tend to be better preserved. So you might try two different ideas- try digging right down in the tip until it looks like you've hit the actual bottom, and also try the edge furthest away fromt he camp- which might be the oldest area.

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    Hi jgawne,
    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try to bottom it next time I go. When I tried on my first visit the number of finds drastically reduced the lower I got, I did find in the lower level a couple of .303 cartridges and the one I've cleaned is 34!. So as you can imagine I'm still intrigued what could be down there.
    Hi Davejb
    I've sorted that Bullock Id disc out for you and it is an RASC!!! (spooky), The initial is G and the Army Number is 14661153 with denomination Church of England. You're welcome to have it, it's no problem if it's not your relative. It's still an interesting relic, Just pm me your address and I'll pop it in the post.
    All the Best.

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    Sorry lucky but i havent the first clue how to pm a message to you but you can contact me on my facebook, and ill pass the details over to you , cheers for your kind offer i think its too coincidental to be anything other than a relation,but ill check it out.

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    Hi davejb,
    I've sent you an email.
    For future reference.. to send a PM (personal message) using this forum all you have to do is click on my Name (on left hand said of this page) above WRF Member. A dropdown menu then appears and you can select send PM or even select to send an email.
    Hope you got the email.

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    The pile of ID tags is very impressive! Very nice and interesting find.

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    Hi Dave, The tag is now in the post it should be with you soon.

    Hi Bart, Thanks for your comment, I was gobsmaked to find so many together and I'm still pretty sure there's more to come so I'll keep updating this thread with details of anything unearthed.

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    The "ammo box end" you found is the top part of a cradle that holds FOUR 200 rd ammo boxes together.
    GREAT the dog-tag collection. You can now date them from the service numbers............ - judging by the first three digits of a few of them I'd guess around the 50's/60's era possibly?!?!?
    Be interesting to see if any of these guys are still knocking around


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    Hello Mike,
    Thanks for the ID on the cradle top as Id said before I'd thought it was an ammo box lid. Your right with the tag dates, some are Regimental numbers from the first post war metal dog tag issue for the British Army so could be 1947onwards but others are the later serial numbers issue, starting 22 and 23 so they can be pinned to a year or even a few months period of issue some go into the 1960's.
    It's crossed my mind too some of the Guys must still be around today.
    Ps Thanks for your recent thread of your local finds, I love the helmet your Daughter found.

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    Pretty good chance more than a few will still be around. But, you have found so many, that's quite a task but you may learn a lot about the man and his history. Could prove fascinating!


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