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Traces of war in the Kola Peninsula.

Article about: Hello. I want to share impressions of their findings and hiking on the Kola Peninsula. It was my first campaign. We had no experience, no maps. It was only a dream.

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    Superb report and interesting finds. Keep posting.


    "You will never know the whole truth" ~ Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski

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    Strange. Nobody asks no questions. I was hoping to questions.

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    We are slowly gaining experience. Until us many diggers to visit those places. But we do not despair. And we were not wrong. The height of the "Mermaid" German strongpoint "lorelei".
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 100_1582.jpg   100_1583.jpg  

    100_1584.jpg   100_1585.jpg  

    100_1622.jpg   100_1623.jpg  

    100_1626.jpg   100_1627.jpg  

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    Comrades. tell me, I can show links to a video of my excavations

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    Very nice vlad, where you are looks way out in the middle of nowhere so to speak. Is it a long dive to get there? Also you say that many diggers have been there but it looks undisturbed to me. How did you hear of this place? It must be along drive to the nearest Mc Donalds!!!

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    Quote by Vladimir Vladimirovich View Post
    Comrades. tell me, I can show links to a video of my excavations
    the best easiest is to post them on you tube and then post the link here. Thanks for your efforts!

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    Wonderful location and photos Vladimir , the bunkers seem to be in reasonable state , have you done much excavation inside ?
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    Slightly ahead of the event. This video is unfortunately no subtitles. I corrected it in the following video.

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    Paul D

    Inside there was nothing interesting.

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    There was no time. Some more photos from the Kola Peninsula.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSCF1763.jpg   DSCF1764.jpg  

    DSCF1787.jpg   DSCF1788.jpg  

    DSCF1796.jpg   DSCF1789.jpg  


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