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U 177 Relic

Article about: I would like to show a relic coffee mug from the U boat 177 that has come into my possesion.Depth charged and sunk in the South Atlantic by a U.S Liberator in 1944 with the loss of 50 of her

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    IMO, the marking on the 'egg cup' is incorrect.
    Not the generic style of eagle or "M" I would

    I would also like to see lots of pics from
    Roflcopter of his KM dinnerware and
    their markings.........


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    I agree with Walkwolf not liking the markings on the egg cup

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    Hi there, I will certainly do that. They are buried somewhere in my loft but I will get them out.

    I understand the scepticism however knowing the family and knowing the French people - Post war they had nothing and would re-use anything they could! I saw helmets made into shovels, hanging baskets and all sorts! Makes me laugh how much I saw back then in homes and how much its worth now!!

    I will get some pictures over the weekend.

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    I got eager and went to find them ASAP! Here is the markings they in pristine condition just as I've kept them over the years.

    I know that these are 100% original because I know where they came from. From what I understand there are many people faking them however with these this is not the case.

    I hope I have helped in some way!

    U 177  Relic

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    Offered as original, pick your favorite stamp on the bottom of a mug for just 5 pounds here:
    Stamped Small Cup

    Bremerhaven on the base
    Bremen U198 on the base
    Bremen U177 on the base

    They also have the egg cup:
    Stamped Egg Cup

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    Sadly not original though....

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    Sorry, but the markings on this cup in post #24 are not genuine-despite your knowing where they came from.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Surely that is a contradiction in terms? I know these ones are original as I know where they came from... thats not a case of... I bought them from someone who told me thats where they came form I saw them come from there and know the woman personally who was left with them during the war. So thank you for your opinion but I know you are wrong.

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    Sorry, but there was never any "U-Boat China" marked in such a manner and Especially not to each and every individual boat. There were Over 1160 U-Boats before and during the war and None of them had individually marked china. They were issued standard generic white china. These Bremen U-Boat markings are absolutely modern and have only been seen a relatively short while ago. This is not an "opinion", but Fact. Going by this, should there also be Bismark and Prinz Eugen china as well? Scharnhorst and Tirpitz? While it might be an interesting project to get a piece of china from each and every manned ship in the several fleets, it would, unfortunately, be quite a small collection indeed. Now please do not waste our time with these absurd claims.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Personally as I'm sure you've noticed I am no "Expert" Like yourself but is it not possible that Uboat guys could have their own made?
    Much like in modern times restaurants have their own pottery made even though theres million of restaurants world wide each one can have their own.

    I KNOW these are original and quite frankly its upsetting that you suggest my "Claims" are absurd but you can sit on your apparently high horse of knowledge but you were not there. I happen to know someone who was living in France during the war and she was nice enough to give me these items.

    So think what you will I'm really not bothered. I was simply trying to help out a discussion with a sensible group of people - Just because you haven't seen these items all the way in the US Does not mean that they are not around this side of the atlantic..... Reproductions exist... I know that but so do real ones. Why would someone reproduce something that does not exist? Makes no sense....

    So I thank you for your time non the less but you are wrong. Im sure that hurts your ego but you are.

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