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U boat Relics

Article about: are the human remains in Uboats? If you google operation hailstorm you'll see a very different story

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    are the human remains in Uboats?

    If you google operation hailstorm you'll see a very different story

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    Deadlight, not Hailstorm.....Hailstorm was the attack on the Japanese navy anchored around Truk Atoll, while Deadlight was the scuttling of German U-boats by the victors. Danny

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    Quote by Ash Riding View Post
    In response to your question -All u boats that still have bodies inside are classed as war graves & should be treated as such . Off the coast of Torbay , devon uk , there are 3 u boats that where sunk during the 1st & 2nd world wars . All 3 are war graves & all have exclusion zones around them . If you are found to have taken anything you will be arrested & I belive that the German government still own them even though they are in UK territoral waters .
    From what i watched on TV recently, a sunk Military ship remains the property of the Government it belonged to, and therefor, any salvage must be agreed with them before hand. A civil ship, I believe can be legally salvaged when a claim is made in court.

    The program I watched (I forget the name) involved a salvage team finding a very old British war ship which was carrying lots of gold. They had to prove to HM government that they had found the ship, and then they entered negotiations for salvage. They did this by finding the cannon.

    Anyone remember the program?

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    RIP all still intombed in them
    let hope that evenutally all are given a proper funeral
    great post guys and great pic's its just a shame that U534 is still out side rusting and i think im correct in saying unvisitiable on the inside
    regards Mad.ideas

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    Hi....Ive got the torpedo launcher and the crew clock from the U-853. The history of this sub is amazing. Not only did it make it into american sank the last allied ship of the war. After the war was declared was sunk with all hands . AFTER the war was over.....what a waste of 55 man crew...most of whom were still teens, The captain himself was still in his 20's. Cant post picture here without a URL.....but if you would like to see them......write me at and I'll send them to you.......Chuck

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    oh....and still have the documents of permission from the west german government........thats important!!!!!!!!

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