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U boat Relics

Article about: are the human remains in Uboats? If you google operation hailstorm you'll see a very different story

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    Default U boat Relics

    Does somebody have any U boat relics to share, I have only seen the ones of U 534, but I am certain that many tiems have been recoverd form sunken U boats like U 869


    and well the boat itself is a relic:


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 5044_92175219849_704989849_1859093_1160438_n.jpg   5044_92175229849_704989849_1859094_104966_n.jpg  

    5044_92175394849_704989849_1859124_1419950_n.jpg   5044_92175404849_704989849_1859125_7495845_n.jpg  

    5044_92175414849_704989849_1859126_1702271_n.jpg   5044_92175419849_704989849_1859127_2277323_n.jpg  

    5044_92175424849_704989849_1859128_6297086_n.jpg   5044_92175484849_704989849_1859137_7789576_n.jpg  

    5044_92175489849_704989849_1859138_5792076_n.jpg   7220_132676064849_704989849_2393585_1850642_n.jpg  

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    from a german Vessel, I just can remember which one:

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    can you hear me now?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS134.jpg  

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    Those are great photos guys. That one floating on the barge is the exact reason it would have been pretty stressful to serve on a U-boat. Thanks


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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    Interesting relics. The deck gun looks impressive!

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    wow!,,,some really neat relics,,,anyone have any more to share???

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    Well I guess the boats themselves are relics so here some photos of them resting on the bottom of the sea:

    U 853

    War time


    U 166

    War Time

    Today in the bottom of the Golf of Mexico

    U 701

    War Time

    Today off the US Coast


    U 778

    U 2511

    War Time


    U 869

    War Time



    U 534

    War Time


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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    Yet we must still remember that some of this boats like U 853, U869 and many others are war graves, therefore they sholudn“t be disturbed:

    Then the question is: If a fallen soldier in any fornt is discoverd by relic hunters and they notify the proper authorities and they give the MIA a proper burrial, its correct to keep the relics dicarded maybe, but in the case of U boats, this men are already burried in their boat, is it ok to remove relics?

    I think not as it would be as going to a military grave yard and take the things the dead are burried, as in this case this steel hulk is their coffin. In the case of U boats sunk in operation Deadlight, well I guess that is another matter.

    What do you guys think ?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 6529_104335274849_704989849_2035624_6250991_n.jpg   6529_104335284849_704989849_2035625_2583695_n.jpg  

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    Fantastic thread and photos...

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    Default Re: U boat Relics

    In response to your question -All u boats that still have bodies inside are classed as war graves & should be treated as such . Off the coast of Torbay , devon uk , there are 3 u boats that where sunk during the 1st & 2nd world wars . All 3 are war graves & all have exclusion zones around them . If you are found to have taken anything you will be arrested & I belive that the German government still own them even though they are in UK territoral waters .

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