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Unusual question: is there paranormal activity in Kurland?

Article about: I wasn,t sure whether to put this in or not but one morning when I went into my toy room (Thats what the wife calls it) there lying on the chair was a Map of Berlin with Hitler on the back o

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    An old friend of mine was for many years the head librarian at the US Holocaust museum in DC. He was in early one morning and said he had to cut it short as the maintenance and cleanup crew had arrive to clean the museum before opening. I asked him why they didn't work at night. He told me that every company they hited started at night but soon refused to work until early morning dayight hours. When I asked why he said that there had been many instances of cleanup crew members hearing voices, screams and even reported objects moving in front of their eyes. This happened almost exclusivly in the exhibit halls which held personsl possesions of victims exterminated at Auchwitz. Mounds of suitcases, eyeglasses, hair, shoes, toys, clothing and a cattle car.
    He said that he himself had heard and seen some strsnge stuff but tried not to stay at work alone too long after dark.

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    I have often wondered if one could identify these name tags better with some process like magnaflux (hope I spelled that right) . I can remember guys I grew up with restamping motorcycle engine serial numbers and the police occasionally checking some of these with that process to see if numbers were changed from potentially stolen vehicles. Something to do with how molecules in the area stamped are more compressed and the process makes them readable. Might be a possible venue to identify some of the name tags if the process is applicable for data tags. It seems rather sad that someone dies and in essence the only thing to identify their remains becomes virtually unreadable.

    More related specifically to the topic I own a late 1800's building with some odd history. I have never seen a ghost nor do I have ill feelings in the building but occasionally things seem to go missing and then are found in a spot I looked at numerous times. Either its a series of senior moments or something odd happens. Recently I was working on a zrinyi helmet cleaning it up and removed the front badge and placed it on the table with the helmet. For a few days I went nuts looking for that badge and then it was back on the table where I originally put it next to the helmet and where I looked many many times. Either my husband is messing with me or the badge had a mind of it's own.

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    I've enjoyed every minute of reading this thread. It makes a nice digression from the usual "need help, real or fake" stuff we would normally expect here.

    One small piece to add: many years ago, my brother moved into his first house and was convinced that he had a poltergeist in the place. While he was at work and the house was empty, he would come home and find that objects had moved across his coffee table from their original position. Having ruled out intruders, it began to freak him out and he started to mark the position of the objects before going to work. Only several days later, when he was at home did he get to the bottom of it; as a lorry drove up the hill outside his house at a certain speed in low gear, the reverberation from the road travelled through the house, causing the floor/coffee table to vibrate and thus the objects on top of it to move. Not a very exiciting story, but if a person was feeling scared, then good to get to the bottom of it.

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    Hello very good thread and tho a new guy I have a couple to share !

    For many years I amassed a pretty substantial collection of ww1 and 2 militaria and weapons. I owned a great business in my community and so I decided to open a veterans museum and share this passion. Well I was able to fill up the building and I must clarify I do believe in the paranormal and with some of my collection you definitely a vibe when u handled the item. So one night I left a micro recorder in the main room after lockup. It ran all night I wanted to capture any evps (electronic voice phenomena) well I definitely got it there was sounds like the bolts of weapons being charged men's voices mumbling and even big band type music and the strangest and most prevalent was a female humming and lightly singing. Truly a strange recording and rather active to say the least lol.

    Now before the museum I kept it all on display in my antebellum home built in 1896 and at times u would feel someone behind u when I was in the part I termed my museum at home ! When I would do evp same types noises as well as that big band music again ! My most extreme relic was a fully functional late war Japanese nambu pistol and from the very day I got that pistol when in hand it had the most heavy and sad feeling as well as the trigger guard was deformed and I always for the impression it was done in a total panic by the soldier trying to save his life u know that last desperate act ! Well I had this pistol for many years and by a long story had a pretty well known medium look at a pic with no knowledge of me or the gun and she pegged it right away that it was used in a lot of executions against a lot of what u would consider non combatants and that the soldier was so conflicted and tormented by these things yet knew no way to escape his duty and he was tied to the pistol with shame ! Plus as for the trigger guard she too felt it had something to do with a desperate act to try and survive however she couldn't pin it down either !! Well that's my 2 cents hope u enjoy ! And as for my collection well let's just say a four year divorce and some hungry attorneys reduced it to not much however I am now slowly rebuilding the empire and like I was told one time no one owns history or it's relics we are simply the stewards till someone else is called to serve 👍👍I hope more post their stories !!

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    Just out of curiosity, how was the Nambu trigger guard deformed? Nambu trigger guards did not look like Western pistols guards but many were enlarged and looked bent for cold weather gloved access. Both are the same model, but the one has the enlarged trigger guard.
    Unusual question: is there paranormal activity in Kurland?Unusual question: is there paranormal activity in Kurland?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Well at the top of the guard about halfway down it was bent in pretty good u could still shoot it if needed however it was noticeable!

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    , how was the Nambu trigger guard deformed?

    Do to this threads topic, you must believe Ghosts were involved in the redesign.

    Silly thread by the way , ghosts lol.
    Cheers Chris

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    Gettysburg had some

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    As for the trigger guard it looked bent in at the top pushing out the lower end of guard it wasn't like extreme however u noticed it immediately.

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