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US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

Article about: Heres just a few pictures of some of the items found today. What i thought was really nice was the 37mm shell case base found by Simon which looks like it was used as n ashtray. What type of

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Hi Shadowwolf,
    I've just taken the boot out of my bag for a closer look, and unbelievably found that a piece of plexiglas was stuck in the muck to the sole (pic 1).
    I'm looking at it now and wondering is it American or may be British? It has a separate toe cap in leather and the sole is leather. As far as I can see there is no heel plate or studs, but after the cleaning perhaps I'll see nail holes traces or where they could have been. For reference it has no hooks just 8 lace holes.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Forum Dig 133.jpg   Forum Dig 134.jpg  

    Forum Dig 135.jpg  

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Intresting finds Simon, what time did you and jimpy dig on till?

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Luckystrike, I found what I thought was a small horse shoe in amongst the dump layer finds, a friend looked at it today and measured it against the heel of his boot and got me thinking. Did US boots ever have metal plates like a horse shoe?

    Whitehunter, We were still digging until about 7pm, and would have still been if not for 3 - 5 hours of travel

    By the way no spiderman syndrome or incredible hulk, all fine no Bio mutations... YET!!? Will keep you all informed if anything 'changes', if I can that is
    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Quote by Whitehunter View Post
    Intresting finds Simon, what time did you and jimpy dig on till?

    I got home at about 2am Having been stopped by the police outside Romford on a spot-check, after leaving Simon, (ShadowWolf) When I was stopped, I was seriously knackered, having been up since 4am on Sunday, and not in the mood to have a "discussion" with a copper. It must have taken a good 10 minutes to get it through to this plod where I was going, where I had been and that the stuff that I was carrying was all legit and I just wanted to get home, get washed and go to bed!!
    Suffice to say, I have not started cleaning up my finds yet, that will be done over the next few days.

    On a better note, a good time was had by all, the weather was great again and the finds were good again.

    All the best to all.

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Jimpy, the mrs says that feels 'really bad', you could have stayed here. Luckily we didn't bring back loads of the undesirable bottles, or it may have taken longer than 10 minutes of explaining

    No extra arms or legs yet

    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Tell her not to worry Simon,
    My two bottles with "questionable" substances in were in a zip-lock bag in the tub containing the brew kit, underneath the tea bags etc so weren't really visible, (before anyone throws any caustic comments, it was done that way for safety sake, if they broke, they would be contained in the tub and I would have only lost a brew kit!).

    Everything else was explained away to the plod, Fran' thinks that I was stopped mainly because he was bored and wanted somethng to do!

    Glad to hear that you havent grown any extra arms, turned green, crawling on the ceiling or any other alterations yet.

    All the best

    Ian D
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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Hi Guys, great stuff

    US boots never had heel irons.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Thanks Ade, they must have had a small horse or mule.

    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    Sorry to hear about the hold up Ian, pleased it ended ok though.

    Ive started on the cleaning/restoration of the boot, I'll take pics along the way and if it turns out ok I'll post them, if not you'll not hear about it again.
    Anyway after the clean I found that the boot sole was leather and had a rubber sole nailed over the top, the heel had also been replaced and a rubber sole added. It also appears to be in brown leather. So refering to my reference book I found this...

    It's a United States 'Shoe Service Type 1' boot. In brown leather with a leather sole and heal, eight lace holes with leather toe cap. In Oct 1940 all service boots had a rubber heal added and a rubber sole soon afterwards. The type of sole pattern on mine seems to be the early type known as type 1. Sorry I couldn't find a picture of the type 1 so the boot in the (black and white) picture is identical to mine except it has the type II sole and heel.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture US Boot.jpg  

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    Default Re: US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

    I mostly found medical stuff where I was. Next time I go I am going to sit on the end of Luckystrikes spade and dig where he is !!!

    Quite a few of my bits are yet to be identified so if you can help, please post !

    I've still gotta clean some stuff but here is what's been cleaned so far......

    Four things yet to be identified first.

    This is a brass tube, about the size of a 50cal cartridge but straight, and with a hole at one end.

    This thing I found in the field next to where we were searching. Seems to be a clamp of some sort but what are the 'wheels' at one end ?

    An object made of Bakelite with what look like electrical connectors at one end. Very odd.

    And lastly an electrical connector ( ?? ) of some sort, made of Bakelite again.

    Now stuff I have ID'd.

    A couple of ampoules, one of which is still full.

    I think this is an ink 'pot'

    A fork with something embossed on the handle but I can't make out what it says

    Some bits of crockery with a nice stamp on each bit. Shame they weren't complete !

    A scalpel handle

    A 50cal bullet. Found in the field behind where the main search was going on. Unfired. Evidence that munitions/cartridges may have been dumped here.

    A couple of bottles and a glass connector.

    Six full bottles and a full vial. Lord knows what's in them and I ain't about to open them to try and find out ! (Haven't grown any extra limbs yet..... ).

    And lastly, my thanks to Jimpy for IDing these. I think he's right.... the metal 'bars' used to pin bones together.

    That's all I've cleaned so far. About half of what I found. More to come later

    Steve T
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 50 cal.JPG   After cleaning.JPG  

    ampoules.JPG   Before cleaning.JPG  

    bone braces.JPG   bottles 1.JPG  

    bottles 2.JPG   Connector.JPG  

    fork.JPG   ink pot.JPG  

    Porcelain.JPG   scalpel.JPG  

    Thingy 1.JPG   thingy 2.JPG  

    thingy 3.JPG  

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