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US Army Dump 2nd Dig Finds.

Article about: Heres just a few pictures of some of the items found today. What i thought was really nice was the 37mm shell case base found by Simon which looks like it was used as n ashtray. What type of

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    my mate Jase nearly passed out when he started to uncover the fire was bottom up,he thought it was a shell!
    any tips on how to get the bottles clean guys?i'm soaking them in warm water & washing up liquid at the moment but not doing to well.

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    deleted due to retardedness....

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    I cleaned mine with one of those square light green kitchen scrubbers. Quite lightly at first to test it, and then with pressure as necesary. Hope that helps
    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Hi Allan,
    Soaking the bottles is good it'll soften the rust residues etc. For the external surface of the bottle use a soap filled brillo I have on occasion even resorted to a wire brush, don't worry glass is tough, if rust is really persistant try using the back of a knife. For the inside of the bottle the best way is to pour some gravel (aquarium gravels good) into the bottle start with it half full of water then shake it hard, this should clean the interior. If it doesn't and there's still some residue empty the water out and shake the gravel again. Ive collected bottles for years and this is a tried and tested method.
    Good Luck.

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    cheers guys,the outside is cleaning up a treat,just the insides was proving difficult.i'll have ago with the gravel,sounds like a good plan!

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    I left my last batch of bottles soaking in water and washing up liquid for a 3 or 4days, then went at them with a double sided pan-scrub, (the type with a sponge on one side and coarse green nylon on the other), then went at the insides with various sized bottle brushes.

    I changed the water quite a few times over those 3 or 4 days.

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    Yeah,.......I am using bottle brushes too. Mind you, that method of Luckys seems a winner ! Going to give that a bash tomorrow.

    I am still researching the POW camp. Going is always tough with these as the records are scant to say the least. I'll let you know when I get something solid to go on.


    Steve T

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    "a double sided pan-scrub, (the type with a sponge on one side and coarse green nylon on the other)"
    Yep, thats what I meant, one of those square kitchen scrubing things
    Good thinking with the gravel. I'll give that a try
    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Having got frustrated with my web search for accurate info on South Littleton POW camp, I resorted to google earth.

    You guys need to go check a couple of things out for me and give me your opinion.

    Put 'South Littleton' into the search engine then follow shinehill lane along to the track we used. You can clearly see the barn we walked through.

    1. The field directly to the east of the barn has regular square patches in the grass. Looks like possible foundations to huts.

    2. To the South of the little estate next to our site are a load of huts, all very neatly arranged. These could well be the POW camp huts themselves, converted to some modern use. However, judging by the growth of trees etc next to each, they don't look used much.

    3. Directly to the East of the estate, you can clearly make out patches in the ground where other buildings used to sit. Could this also be the remains of the POW camp ?

    I'll find the damn place eventually but a little help never goes amiss

    Sad thing is is that, if those huts to the south of the estate are indeed the POW camp they won't be worth searching. We'll spend weeks clearing out ring pulls and fag/cake packets before we get down to any relics that are left. One good thing however. If these ARE the POW camp huts, the ground has never been ploughed or disturbed so the relics will only be 3 or 4 inches down at most


    Steve T

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    Guy's the gravel works a treat look at my pics of the bottles I found on our first dig to see how good they come up.
    Occasionally you may encounter a lump of crud stuck inside a bottle that even the gravel wont move. What I do is cut one of those wire coat hangers and then bend one end to fit into the bottle and reach the crud and then just scrap at it until it gives. Luckily you dont have to do this often but its useful to know.

    Tim on the POW camp hunt, bear in mind that before DDAY this country was packed with troops of the Allies waiting for the invasion. They were all living in camps on air bases etc. After D DAY a large number of these left our shores for Normandy and later beyond. Many many of the camps and living accomodations they had occupied were left empty. This was just as well because with the fighting going on in Normandy and beyond the number of POWs taken increased massively. These were transported all over but the ones that came here were in many cases accomodated in the empty military camps etc. Also worth remembering most military camps prior to D day were locked down and surrounded by barbed wire for security so it didn't take too much extra work to make them suitable for the POWs.
    So you may find that the site of the POW camp was actually in a former Army or Airforce encampment close by.
    Good luck on the research.

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