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I wasnt really sure if this kind of stuff would be of any interest to anyone. I found so much of this kind of thing i even reburied some, just took few bits home with me. I once found a pocket watch in superb condition but minus one of its hands. Was told it could be repaired and made to work the condition was that good. Luckily access to the site is secure so no kiddies can get onto it etc. Id really like to share this site with members of the forum. Im hoping to go on Saturday 8th May and any members are most welcome to come. Theres sure some special stuff there and im sure with even minimal effort it can be found as the topsoil placed over the dump is very loose and peaty in most areas. Saying that items have been found out in the middle of the field. The glass phials i have found-some contain saline fluid others such as the small ones might well be morphine. I even found a urine sample complete and sealed up! The finds are in such superb undamaged condition its hard to beleive. Must get a big group of guys up there soon and see if we can hit the jackpot though! regards, Tim.
I am willing to make the trip to help out, Im in SW London, so its not too bad distance wise. Unfortunately I dont have a detector but am willing to "dig and sift" etc.

PM me if you want a hand.

Regards etc

Ian D.