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A US GI named chain bracelet !!

Article about: Outstanding!

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    Well done Seb, its amazing that there are so called officials apparently working on behalf of citizens of there own countries that have no sense of duty or common decency then there are others who do all they can to reunite some form of personal memento to the family of either deceased or living servicemen from any of the conflicts, I had a M1 liner ww2 era with a servicemans serial no/ painted inside, i gave this liner to my nephew who later visited the American cemetary in Cambridgeshire, whilst walking around he stood by one of the plaques that lists the names of the dead and saw a serial number that struck a cord with him, as luck would have it he had the liner in his dads car so after bringing back to the reception area he was given certain details that confirmed this soldiers serial no/ and the fact that he was killed on Omaha beach during the first wave of landings, he was then given the familys details and he wrote to them in the states and asked if they wanted the liner, they graciously declined but thanked him and asked him to keep it safe which he did for many years until his mother(my sister) decided that it was junk and threw it out in the rubbish, disgusting behaviour from her and weve never spoken since

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    Dave,thanks for your kind words.Your story brang tears to my eyes...what a sad ending!

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    Hey Seb

    Yes, the watch find and return to the family was me 1st Lt Oliver Jelks. Google '1st Lt Oliver Jelks' and you'll find the story about it

    If you recall, I also found a dinner fork at the same site with a serviceman's name and ID number stamped on it. I found his family as well and spoke to one of his daughters, who turned out to be one of the rudest people I've ever had the misfortune to speak to. She basically told me it couldn't be her fathers, as he 'never wrote his name on anything' (How the HELL would she know ? He owned the fork 8 years before she was born !!!), and that I was obviously after something from her and to put the fork 'where the sun don't shine', if you know what I mean. Suffice to say the fork is sitting in my collection with a note about its owner. Some people are just horrid.


    Steve T

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    I gave him a better aspect with a soft polishing.I think it now shines as the day Stanley lost it..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMGP3414.JPG   IMGP3415.JPG  

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    Fantastic Seb......truly fantastic. Good on you !

    Steve T

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    Steve....i'm a married man,ha ha ha !
    Thank you again to give sense to that!

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    Tomorrow ,i will surely receive by mail the second chain bracelet..Will take some pics.But,i do think that more personal belongings are soon tocome,cause it seems that i'm becoming the "expert" in this kind of stuff...Let me laugh...Anyway,i will keep you informed if any kind of personal belonging was in my hands before departure to the U.S of A!

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    As I noted on the other one, Seb, this bracelet belonged to Stanley J. Marciniak who enlisted in March of 1943. He died on 6 June 1994. I may have info on some relatives. Let me know how you want to proceed.

    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    You are a good man buddy! Nice to see that some guys don't see the items only as objects but manage to 'see' the history behind them... Afterall what is an item without the accompanied story? Just mixed materials...

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