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USAAF base dump - Another fantastic find!

Article about: I paid a visit to the USAAF dump yesterday that I have been digging for a few years now. Indeed, this was my second visit this year, the first one resulting in some nice finds, including a c

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    Creep RJ, not your normal response

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    Nice Steve. The old spice bottle is nice! I think yours is an aftershave bottle I've only ever managed to find talc bottles.
    The 50cal tool is nice too. I remember finding a load of them on the farm when I was a kid but I'm sorry to say I didn't know what they were at the time and they ended up in the farm scrap bin. :-( a very sad story.

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    Blimey !!! You're up early aren't you Dave? What happened? Wet the bed, (again)?

    Bloody hell you try not to remember that too often !!

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    Can we stop talking about it now I'm getting flashback's. Ha

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    Certainly. I'll try not to bring it up at every opportunity.

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    'Bloody coat hooks, never keep'em'

    Very nice finds, love the personal items, mess tins, cutlery, aftershave. The poisons great and in an unusual format and a WW2 dated beer bottle is quite a scarce item for the UK although certain bottle manufacturers or brewers did used them.
    Oh and well done for Id'in the coat hooks real use, easily overlooked and discarded


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    Thanks LS

    I was shown a 50cal combination tool a few years back and, luckily, the image stayed in my mind

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    Well, the combination tool has had long enough in the citric acid solution.

    It has come out very well indeed, although most of the markings have been lost to the rust There is an awful lot of pitting on the item, which doesn't help. Hopefully I'll find one in slightly better condition one day

    Anyway, here it is.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC02470.JPG 
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    I believe this says 'Barrel Bearing'

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC02471.JPG 
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    Only partial words here. Never mind........I still love this item !!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    Creep RJ, not your normal response
    I know, I must be going soft!

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    That particular .50 BMG combination tool is primarily intended for the water-cooled AA version.
    Bigger images can be seen HERE.

    Re: "I think these are out of batteries?"
    They are Protek plugs, silica gel dessicant cartridges usually fitted in the sparkplug holes on spare engines.

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