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value of a relic p-38

Article about: yea i have a ac44 with its org holster and 2 mags,it shoots great,,,germans build great guns,,holster in pic is a repo,,i have a 44 holster p-38 thats with it now

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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    In Europe P38 in good condition is around 350-500 euro, relics around 40-60 euro.

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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    ok, thanks for the info
    regards Mad.ideas

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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    You say relic, it is a dug up rusted over, non firing pistol, or do you mean its a full operational firing pistol.

    Big diff in prices, have any pics ?


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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    In Denmark it is 1 year in jail...LOL

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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    A relic P-38 should cost no more than 200. For that price though I would expect some of the manufacturers markings to be visible.


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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    heck in texas you can own any weapon here i got 45 guns,all semi auto mil,rifles and some old german mausers ,,now iam collecting dug up guns,,all you can find here in old western guns,,i want a complete mp-40 to put in frame

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    battlefield damaged and lost is a story waiting to be disclosed as to what reason it has being in the ground trench hillside where ever they are found. For me its like owning a piece of whatever battlefield they are discovered on. I get a bigger charge out of handeling a relic battle damaged say helmet and thinking about what caused the say crack in the top searching the interior and finding blood stains a piece of dried skin with hair still attached in the inside part of a liner ect. This i have done. Finding a relic pistol on any battlefield is the holy grail of dig finding i believe. However bying it from someone else who bought it from and so on isnt the same. Unfortunately some of us have no choice . i cant affoard to say travel to Bastonge and dig or kursk for that matter. however ive had the pleasure of discovering american civil war relics at numerous battlefields and the camps long abandoned. So how can one put a value on a relic p38 um i think its whatever a person will pay if it makes you happy buy the dam thing.

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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    I have to agree with Gary. If it floats your boat, sail with it. I prefer battle used finds over something mint any day. They may not be worth as much but the stories make up for that.


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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    As far as I'm concerned, it's all academic. Without seeing at least a photo of the piece, it's impossible to say what it's worth.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: value of a relic p-38

    no photo unfortunatly, it sold ages ago but thanks for the replies
    regards Mad.ideas

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