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A very interesting find! "To the Soviet 16th Army"

Article about: by Aleksander P Mortality rate in the camps was extremely high and even if you we're freed, you'd most likely end up in a gulag. Stalin saw prisoners of war, as traitors of the motherland, b

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    Default A very interesting find! "To the Soviet 16th Army"

    Hello Guys,

    There are almost no snow in our region so we are digging at the moment. One of our team members have made a very interesting find indeed It the small note you will see pics of below. We have about 100 of them. The interesting part is they where found inside of modified M39 egg grenades The grenades where modified like this: An empty Mauser round/case was inserted into the grenade where the detonator is normally located. Inside the empty casing was a small detonator with a "T" in the bottom. Inside the grenade where the main charge is supposed to be, all the notes where found. My team mate will provide me with pics of one such grenade and pics where he is opening some of them. He have one intact grenade left. The notes are still inside the grenade where the main charge is supposed to be.

    The note is like an "Ausweiss" so when handed to the Germans the Soviet soldier supposedly was to be treated as described on the note. The note is specifically for the Soviet 16th Army and found on Bryansk Front

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's what's written on the note. Without a doubt a reference to the failed Soviet "Operation Mars"

    "Entry Ticket/Ausweiss

    Fighters of the 16th Army!

    You have been promised certain victory and this promise happened to be false. The Stalin winter campaign totally failed. Do not believe to promises and fairy tales of your commanders. The German Army is advancing successfully. Kharkov (in Ukraine) is again in our hands. The choice is in your hands.. Either certain death in battle or to save you life shifting to the German Army's side. Where the good attitude, food and work according to your profession will be provided".

    Quite a historical document! I have one hanging on the wall now

    Regards, Lars

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    that's a great find Lars.

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    Congrats Lars with an interesting find.

    If you got a spare example I would love to buy it.

    Cheers, Mads

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    No problem Mads. We have about 100 of them so i plan to sell some of them of course. Maybe it's just me but i am really exited about these leaflets Thank you for the heads up on the TV thing Mads


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    That's brilliant Lars!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Thanks Gunny mate

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    Wow, that's really nice, I'd definitely buy one of you for sure!

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    Quote by AMTG View Post
    Wow, that's really nice, I'd definitely buy one of you for sure!
    Thanks I should be able to send some out next weekend. I will be home on Friday according to plans.

    Regards, Lars

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    great Find Lars!!!

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Great finds Lars! It makes me want to go digging . I'm interested in acquiring one too, a very unique piece.

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