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Be warned kids!

Article about: Schoolboy finds WWII bomb on first trip out with metal detector Christmas present - Telegraph

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    What's more disturbing to me, anyway, is the fact that it was determined to be a WWII Practice bomb and contained no explosive, but was "Taken away and disposed of" anyway. Why was it confiscated and destroyed? I would have thought that it would be a cool as anything find to have and show to his friends and family for a young boy, but it was "disposed of" instead. Your average door stop would be about as dangerous as this "bomb" was....Yet another unnecessary over reaction to an absolutely harmless find.

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    Practice bombs contain a charge to illuminate the hit so it can be spotted.Id say disposal was the safe option for this one.Not worth loosing a finger for! So glad it didnt get into the wrong hands

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    Its all fun and games until you find a BOMB !

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    I suppose you can never be to sure.but having been one of those responsible for the recovery of 2 UXBs in epping forest,when the digger pulled up the1st bomb we jumped for joy,but 2 senior BD officers went white and were shouting clear the area,they shut the main road and railway down.well over the top reaction as these bombs had gone in with the plane.

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    Whats all the fuss? If your find goes BANG you don't know anything about it anyway!
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    Quote by flyfriendly View Post
    Its all fun and games until you find a BOMB !
    It is fun to get bombed.

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    I think it's normal practice, at least over here. Once you alert the Police,after an initial evaluation they call in the Army Bomb Disposal Team. And they usually always remove and detonate what they find. I think it's more a "let's stay on the safe side" thing rather than a necessity sometimes. A few years back they fished and removed a dozen of entire boxes of potato mashers from a cold river: the handles, the boxes were perfectly preserved. They were not assembled: heads on one side, detonators on another and then the handles. They destroyed everything, even the empty boxes!


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    Be warned kids!Be warned kids!Be warned kids!
    Heres an 11lb practice bomb i had found,it still has the pin and safety wire attached.This was disposed of safely,however i was able to save and preserve a tail fin that hadnt completely corroded.

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    Question: Do they still find a lot of this stuff in the UK????
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