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Weybread - 'The Trilogy'

Article about: by Paul B K-7 waist mount for B-17s and B-24s with fully enclosed waist positions. Some good photos HERE. PB Thanks for that Paul i didnt think i'd got it right. I was trying to take in a bi

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    I quite like the sound of the 'Lonesome Seeker' the bizarre, flowery, wierd & exotic have always held an attraction for me. Yes, LS you are on the beam old chum, I am hoping we move on to the 'Saga' next year. Steve, I never liked the word 'Trilogy' I much preferred Part III but it just sounds a little more dramatic & exciting.

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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Hi Bird Dog,
    Hoping you had a productive week end and Im looking forward to seeing the results when you have time to upload some.
    All the Best

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    Some photos i took of the fun. There not that good because i took them with my phone but its a start. Note the tractor and trailer in the background bringing in loads of topsoil to fill in the massive hole that was made.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture big dig 028.jpg   big dig 022.jpg  

    big dig 021.jpg   big dig 020.jpg  

    big dig 025.jpg   big dig 024.jpg  

    big dig 023.jpg   big dig 027.jpg  

    big dig 026.jpg   big dig 029.jpg  

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    Certainly wet my appetite Andy, Now Im really looking forward to seeing the finds.
    Where's Bird Dog gone?

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    Looks like you had a splendid weekend, can't wait to see the bits!

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    Bird Dog is here but recovering from the digging 'hangover'......there was a great deal of work to do over the five days we were living on site & I am almost recharged enough to begin making a some posts. However I did not get a chance to take pictures but our group scribe Bob Collis took some 900 shots of the time we spent at Weybread. Once I begin receiving these I will put the best ones up on here, in the meantime I will let Andy continue adding more to the 'Weybread Trilogy' thread.

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    Hi Bird Dog,
    Good to hear from you, '5 Days dig' thats a marathon no wonder you need time to recover, from what Andy has said you've made some great finds and by the sound of it even more if thats possible than last year

    Cant wait to see pictures of the awesome finds.
    All the best.

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    Right lets some finds posted.

    First up is one of my favorite finds of the week its a B17 co pilots cockpit window.
    Next a family of oxygen bottles note the flak hole. When the bottle came out of the pit the piece of flak was still lodged in place but it needed to be taken out to empty the water out of the bottle.
    Some spent link chutes.
    And a B17 chin turret tube.

    More to come soon Andy
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture b17 parts +1 013.jpg   b17 parts +1 015.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 014.jpg   b17 parts +1 016.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 021.jpg   b17 parts +1 017.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 018.jpg   b17 parts +1 020.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 022.jpg   b17 parts +1 023.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 024.jpg   b17 parts +1 025.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 026.jpg   b17 parts +1 027.jpg  

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    Next up is a heated flying sute socket.
    A B17 cowl flap inspection ring? I think thats what Bob called it? HELP.
    The bomberdiers window from a B17 (im so happy i found one of these its been on my wish list for ages) Ok its seen better days but it is what it is im happy!!
    A B17 turbo charger cooling cap.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture b17 parts +1 057.JPG   b17 parts +1 058.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 052.jpg   b17 parts +1 050.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 051.jpg   b17 parts +1 011.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 012.jpg   b17 parts +1 033.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 031.jpg   b17 parts +1 032.jpg  

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