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Weybread - 'The Trilogy'

Article about: by Paul B K-7 waist mount for B-17s and B-24s with fully enclosed waist positions. Some good photos HERE. PB Thanks for that Paul i didnt think i'd got it right. I was trying to take in a bi

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    I think this is a handle for lowering the landing gear by hand (Like in the film memphis belle)
    The tool used to remove a prop hub. Has it got a correct name?
    Some flexi-feed or 50cal tracking.

    I will leave you to digest that lot for now and will post some more when i get a moment.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture b17 parts +1 030.jpg   b17 parts +1 029.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 028.jpg   b17 parts +1 035.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 034.jpg   b17 parts +1 054.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 053.jpg  

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    Wonderfull stuff!
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    Thats great thanks for posting your pics and didn't you do well ,
    Top stuff I love the Oxy Bottle family and the windows, makes me wonder what was seen in operations through those? Have to admit I'm also drawling over the heated suit switch I like the personal bits that remind you of the people price and finally how much of that tracking have you got know ......
    Cheers mate.

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    The best is yet to come!!
    That piece of tracking isnt mine i brought it home with me for "Gremlin" . I did pick up a couple of small bits so i can replace the bent bits in my long length back home when i get time to make a perfect length. I saw one length come out of the pit that was an easy 20ft long. It was huge.


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    Good stuff Andy.

    Your crank handle is the for the bomb hoist.
    The prop tool is usually simply termed the Dome Handle, and you have a nice section of Cowl Flap Ring with flaps and at least one support bracket.

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    Thanks Paul,
    I was just about to correct myself about the bomb hoist it can be seen at the bottom of this page. United States Consolidated B-24 Heavy Bomber TAIL PARTS


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    Ok a couple more bits..

    Two oxygen bottles, I think one is a bail out bottle and the other one is to inflate a life raft??
    And a regulator for a walk round bottle .
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture b17 parts +1 056.jpg   b17 parts +1 042.jpg  

    b17 parts +1 041.jpg   b17 parts +1 055.jpg  

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    Thanks for posting the pics Andy look forward to seeing more


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    More oxy bottles with valves superb , they should clean up well

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    Awesome stuff Andy

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