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Weybread - 'The Trilogy'

Article about: by Paul B K-7 waist mount for B-17s and B-24s with fully enclosed waist positions. Some good photos HERE. PB Thanks for that Paul i didnt think i'd got it right. I was trying to take in a bi

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    Excellent work, I just cant imagine how you managed such a top class restoration it looks like new.

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    Astonishing, it doesn't even look creased.

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    Cheers guys, I must be honest the sneaky picture does not show the areas of worst damage and it still requires a lot of work to get it as good as its gonna be. It has a couple of splits which cannot really be sorted as I would be reluctant to try to repair very thin stainless without a very good TIG set and alot of hours practice. But it was completely flat for a third of its lenth and I'm quite pleased with it so far. Its half the challenge, picking up the most damaged and getting it back into some shape, makes me think. I'm just trying to get all the small dents and creases out of the middle section which will require making up some custom tools. Will post some more pictures when I'm happy with it.

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    What a fantastic job. Getting that cover back in shape is superb.

    I love it !

    Steve T

    PS Don't forget Andy has easy access to farm equipment and tractors. Annoy him and you could find 4 ton of cow manure dumped on your drive one morning !

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    Steve T, will make a change from horse poo at 50p a bag. I get a kick out of the challenge of repair/restore, it gets a bit brutal somtimes but my opinion is if its crushed anyway how much worse can I make it. I have a 50cal 150 round curved turret ammo box which was pretty flat and have got it pretty good, will put up a photo, as it was from Weybred last year. Hughes tracking is a total ******* to get straight, total finger slashing stuff, but I'm getting a good lenth together.

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    Iv got to take my hat off to ya mate you really have done a top job on it!
    If you ever need a new job iv got tons of bent and twisted farm machinery you can tinker with.


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    Weybread - The Trilogy 2011 - Pictures at last!
    Not wanting to take traffic away from this site but I am uploading (and not before time) pictures from the 2011 Weybread Digging Festival/Extravaganza back at our site, so rather than duplicate the whole thread here I have included a link:
    Aces, Contrails & Unsung Heroes • View topic - Weybread 'The Trilogy'

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    Bird Dog,
    This is great, it's like Christmas again please keep them coming I cant wait to see what you pulled out.

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