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what a day!

Article about: Well,i spent five hours today after much research,searching a wood for a crashed Spitfire with no luck did find this though thing is it looks modern,question is,is it?

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    Hi Danny, Your have to share some of your photos with us

    There are no training areas near me, We think they come down every once and a while at night time , they drop loads of spent rounds and cafe sells them for 20p each . This is a public beach with 3 cafes, no MOD signs or anything.

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    I didnt take any today unfortunately as it started raining whilst I was on my way to what I intended to photograph and I was without the waterproof cover for my camera but it gives me an excuse to go back when the weather is a little better

    Its unusual that they leave stuff lying around in a public area, whilst I was in the cadets whenever we used a public area absolutely everything had to be recovered. If we were given 60 rounds of blank ammunition, we had to hand 60 empty cases back! Then again, I'm sure that not everyone was as up-tight as the people that were in charge of us lot



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    Sounds like you have a great time exploring your sites mate,

    Yeah i know it's unusual, it's been happening on and off for the last 4 years now, i've found loads of casing and links



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    I'm unable to dig where I was today because its still an MOD training area, but theres so many remains from the war there that interest the urbex side of me

    I've found this old thread with some photos I took years ago (before I actually looked into taking good photos) that shows the wreckage of 2 Alvis Saracen APC's.

    Alvis Saracen Wrecks



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