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What is Relic Digging and Why We do it!

Article about: I've removed the last 6 replies to this thread as I've had enough of the bickering and arguing. Any more arguing like that and I'll be issuing infractions. Now.........back to the thread. St

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    Default Re: What is Relic Digging and Why We do it!

    Yeah i get your point ant that the best way is here,i will keep my eyes out..thanks!

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    I can say, that as a newbie to this site, I have loads of respect for you guys. And, like the first post said, it's much better that these items are sold to collectors than sitting under the ground and rotting while cheap fakes are made and sold to guys like me. Plus, I know plenty about travelling around in Russia, and that is much more expensive than I see most of these relics going for.


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