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What are these items?

Article about: Hi Im a newbie in this world. i bought a big lot of relics. Can someone help me? I need to now who used it, what it is (some thing i know) Thanks!!! 1 2 3 4 OK 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 OK 13 OK 14

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    Thought it might have been. The bottom 2nd one from the right is MP40 though. Still unsure about the one to the left of it.


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    You are correct on the middle one,
    I think the left-one is also a M3 it lacks the grooves on the magazine of the MP 40.
    I'm the one who told Judaz to sign-up on this forum.
    As Paul E stated it is to much at once and the pictures aren't big and clear enough to see the small details.


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    There is too much here Judaz. Post up a few finds at a time in groups like 'Magazines for ID' and 'Shells and shell fragments for ID', that way you'll get the right experts in the right threads.

    Steve T

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