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WW1 battlefield finds

Article about: I don't roam much WW1 battlefields, but where I live,it is impossible not to stomp into them. Not so many finds from my side, but chances are that we may see nice things from other members

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    Hi Ben, the regulation changes from country to country. In Italy there is no licence, but in some regions the use of a MD is forbidden and there are are restricted areas as well. Being not so far from the WW1 frontline, we can find such things just in the woods near your house.

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    Just went on a day trip to Reims, I hoped to find some battelfind relics in local shops ...but came back empty handed! I did pay a visit to a little well kept war museum with a very complete and well displayed pickelhaube collection.
    The museum is at the Fort de la Pompelle.
    fort de la pompelle
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 100_2179.jpg   100_2180.jpg  

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    Here's one of my WW1 battlefield finds.

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    Now that summer is here I have more time to wonder around the good digging places that I know of, I went up the mountain a couple of days ago and look what i found, a lot of shrapnel, spent cases from mannlicher m95 and m93 and two very rusty loading clips from m95. I found in one spot about 9 lead shrapnel balls, some shrapnel and a piece that looks like a steel disc from inside of a german 7.7 shrapnel shell, I'm guessing that the gray piece on the right next to the disc is a part of a fuse, am I right? The trip was productive and I plan some more digs in those mountains this summer hope to post something new soon,all the best.
    Regards Manu.
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    P1020064.jpg   P1020076.jpg  

    P1020082.jpg   P1020106.jpg  

    P1020152.jpg   DSC00056.jpg  

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    Wow...I really love WWI battlefield relics as you never have to guess if and where they were used when you find them. I only wish that I was fortunate enough to live in an area where I could find items like this.
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    Thanks for the reply IMPERIAL QUEST, yes I believe so too, WW1 relics have something special about them, especially when you dig them out yourself, it is fascinating that there still are some wild remote places where time stood still and you can still find such items from the Great War...

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    Manu, nice finds and awesome scenario! You are anyway still far from where the soldiers were camped. You should look for the right spot where the barracks/tents may have been. There you should be luckier....

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    Thank you for the reply and for the advice Matt R. and the scenario is truly breath taking at 1500 m in the Carpathian mountains like the wind that blows up there on the top where romanian soldiers fought against the austro-hungaryan army in 1916. I wish I would know the place where the tents may have been but I know of this location from people that went up there with cattle and sheep and found trenches. Besides that it is now a ski resort and the lodges are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, so the place is populated.
    But I've heard of another place in the same area on another peak where people hardly go anymore, a place where the complex trench formations are still intact and the artillery locations are still visible. Next week I plan a trip there and hopefully there will be many finds to post, that is if a bear doesn't make me his lunch )) because apparently they roam like crazy over there... till then all the best and happy hunting to everyone.

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    nice items all ! be careful with the explosif items


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    In the US, the diggers who hunt our Civil War battlefields have a saying that the last victim of the Civil War hasn't been born yet. I echo the previous comments about the live ordinance still out there and hope you take care.

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