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WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

Article about: Paul Many thanks mate. Sorry for the delay in replying ! Yes, there is indeed a hairspring attached to a very small cog. What I find intriguing is the fact that you say it looks as though it

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    Default WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    HI guys

    Well, having got some time off work and the wife not having any DIY, decorating, repairwork, relative visiting, gardening or shopping planned, ( ), I decided to have one last blitz of my airfield.

    I have known for a few months now that the place is more or less empty, getting less and less finds each visit, and having to travel further and further afield. So I thought I'd give the place a good three day blitz to really make sure.

    The results of Day 1 are below. Please excuse the quality of some son has got my camera and I had to use my emergency back up camera which is the equivalent of a box brownie compared to the camera my son has borrowed

    Firstly before any cleaning.....

    And then after cleaning and disposal of hunks of rubbish. I had a LOT of modern stuff this trip

    Some odds and ends first.....The sorry remains of a Kolynos toothpaste tube, an 'o' ring and a couple of other random bits.

    A 'lift the dot' thingy and three items I can't ID.

    This is almost certainly a beer keg tap. I was close to the Naafi hut when I found this.

    A bakerlite light fixture turning a single light socket into a double.

    One penny.....literally. Only another 39,999 and I'll have paid for my detector !

    Now I have no idea what this is. It could be a clock or maybe a wind up bell. When it came out of the ground it was together as shown in the picture on the right. The clockwork mechanism does not fit into the other bit. Anyone any ideas ?

    The bottom of a US Army mess tin. No name on it unfortunately, but there is a makers mark.

    Not many cartridges this trip...... One 303 and 2 30cal M1 rounds.

    ....but lots of buckles this trip. Item number 1 has a number on it which I have enlarged. I know they are from bits of webbing but which bit exactly ? Can you ID any ? I've numbered them to help

    And that's it for day 1. A little disappointing but not too bad. This was, after all, my 28th visit to the site !

    Don't forget to check out my threads on Day 2 and Day 3.


    Steve T
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture before cleaning.jpg   day 1 before cleaning.JPG  

    odds n ends.jpg   tap.jpg  

    odd stuff.jpg   mess tin.jpg  

    light fitting.jpg   coin.jpg  

    clockwork.jpg   cartridges.jpg  


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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    Awesome finds as usual Steve

    Buckle 3 is from a MKIV Service Gas Mask bag and buckle 4 is from a webbing belt, more or less identical to the training belts still in use today



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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    The bent thing with threaded end, oil can spout? or grease gun nozzle.

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    Danny - Thanks I decided it was about time I catalogued my buckles etc properly rather than just saying 'they're off bits of kit....somewhere'.

    OKW - Yeah....i thought that to.

    Cheers guys

    Steve T

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    Hi Steve Again,

    the mess tin is not a enlisted mans model or as the US army called them "Meat can" I would say its from the cook house and is a serving tray. The nickel Lift the DOT fastener is more than likely off a parachute harness or related assembly. Next the buckles.

    1/ 37 pattern Officers brace attachment to allow cross straps to be worn with the regulation belt, without having to wear universal pouches or similar item. These were also issued to the CMP Corps of military police and worn across the body in a Sam Browne fashion.

    2/ Slide buckle from early wartime 37 pattern gasmask haversack, this slide fits on the Neck/shoulder strap and when in the "In Use" position the cord from the bag goes through the small hook to draw the bag up on to the chest to support the weight of the gasmask's filter.

    3/As mentioned already, First pattern Haversack brass hook, these were also used on some field radio sets.

    4/ You not what that is already

    5/ Cast brass end keeper buckle (early type, if ribs go right across the front) if so its from an M1917A1 or early fixed bale M1 steel helmet. Or if the ribs are slightly inset from the edges of the buckle then its off a fixed bale M1 helmet ONLY.

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    That tap looks pretty old 18th century?

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    Nige H - Brilliant. Thanks very much

    Whitehunter - It could be BUT......just before cleaning it I noticed that the piece that went into the 'keg' had newsprint attached to it. It was almost completely rotted away but could read that the Germans had enter **somewhere**-sur-la-seine' so assumed it was 1940's era.

    Thanks both

    Steve T

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    ah, still a really nice find i hope to find one myself oneday

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    Anyone help out with the clockwork thingy ?

    It was at the same depth as other stuff I know is 1940s so must be something to do with the war !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 1 - February 2010

    The cylinder on the left has a hook pressed into the side, so is a spring barrel.
    Looking at the movement, there appears to be a mangled hairspring visible upper right, so it has a rotary balance so it would keep time while being moved.
    I'm afraid I can't add much more from the current photos, but the centre pinion doesn't look like it's designed to have hands on it, so it may be a mechanical timer mechanism.

    I'll see if anything turns up on the reference books.

    All the best,
    Paul (clock & watch mender)

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