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WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

Article about: Steve. Nice one "Wolverine"! (BTW, going slightly(!) off track, did you know that Patrick Stewart, Prof Xavier, is from Yorkshire?) Now back on track. Some more shots and measureme

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    Default WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010 goes the last day of my airfield blitz.

    I reckon one more visit now to satisfy myself it is truly empty of the majority of buried relics and I will need to find a new site.

    Day 3 was probably the worst day of the three for volume of finds, but actually produced the most intriguing finds.

    So here we go........

    Before any cleaning

    And now after cleaning and disposal of hunks of crap.

    Firstly a brass rod that is threaded at one end and appears to be hollow at this end as well. The other end has a set of three 'through' holes two of which appear to be blocked. Thoughts ? I've got an inkling it could be a cleaning rod perhaps......for a gun barrel ? It's 12 inches long.

    A couple of bits that could be modern, but could equally be WW2 era. I am inclined to think the former.

    A crocodile clip from USA so almost certainly from the war, another clip type thing I can't identify and a brass rod with an eyelet at the end. Is this the 'arm' for a British kit bag lock ?

    Some spent 50cal bullets

    A 'blow gun' (I don't know what one of those is For paint spraying ? Blowing up car tyres ?), made by Shraeder of USA. They still make blow guns but this one was well down in the ground so is certainly from the 1940s. What did they use one for on an airbase ?

    A couple of buckles and a couple of buttons.

    More intriguing items and the last finds for the day. Far left is a 303, then a 50cal, then the base off a 20mm, then a 20mm & 50cal

    A closer look at the 50cal shows that someone has mounted a steel/iron 'plug' into the cut off end. I wonder what they did this for ?

    A closer look at the 20mm shows that there is a 50cal cartridge jammed into it and very carefully and neatly soldered into place. Again, I wonder what on earth for ?

    Anyways guys, that's it for the 3 days. A good haul in total even though a couple of days were a bit 'light'.


    Steve T
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 20mm.jpeg   50 cal.jpg  

    Blow gun.jpg   Buckles and buttons.jpg  

    Cartridges.jpg   clips and stuff.jpg  

    day 3 after cleaning.jpg   day 3 before cleaning.JPG  

    rod.jpg   Spent 50 cals.jpg  

    Yale and tag.jpg  

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    the 20mm and 50 cal could be a board metal smiths trench art project
    or mabe a metal smiths apprentice learning to solder
    and mabe the 50 cal with metal plug was put together to teach someone to braze?just a thought cheers ian

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    Good work, man. Good luck!

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    maybe there is something inside that bullet?

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    ian - Interesting perspective. Many thanks

    Sebastien - Thanks

    Whitehunter - Maybe but to get inside it would mean drilling a hole and ruining the relic, something I don't want to do

    Cheers guys

    Steve T

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    yeah its not worth drilling

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    Hi Steve,
    Yet again another lovely set of finds and very informative on all three days searches, superb pictures as well, I can tell you've spent a lot of time putting it together, Thanks for sharing.
    Ps... Ive found that you can never completely clear a site, but the number of finds to be had you'll notice will reduce. I'm certain if you return again you'll still be finding more. All I can put it down to is perhaps changes in the moisture content of the soil making detector signals weaker or stronger on specific visit days and perhaps also worm action moving the soil and finds around very slightly. Increasing and decreasing detector signals by moving finds nearer and further from the surface or just changing their orientation from perhaps lying edge (thin) side up weak signal to moving it to its large side facing up stronger signal.
    Keep the good work up, as always looking forward to your next posts and good luck with any new sites.

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    i've seen cigarette lighters made out of 50 cal rounds.

    also blow gun has siphon pickup on it. my father had a device similar to this that he used for washing down engines and other greasy things. The nipple near the nozzle is for attaching a hose. The hose would be dipped into a tank of mineral spirits. when air is blown through gun, a fine atomized mist of solvent is mixed in and out the the nozzle.

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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    Schrader still make high pressure valves and fittings.
    They also make them for oxygen supply sets.

    I have got to arrange to go on a dig with you Steve, are you sure you're not "Magneto" from X-Men incognito! LOL

    Regards etc


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    Default Re: WW2 airfield blitz - Day 3 - February 2010

    Lucky strike - Yep....but I have also found I tend to sweep such that I miss a small arc each sweep.....hence I tend to not cover all the ground in one visit. To begin with I also avoid getting close to trees etc.... but on later visits get up close

    scienkoptic - Good info Thanks mate

    jimpy - Thanks for info and LOL ! Nah.....I am wolverine

    Cheers guys

    Steve T

    PS Can nobody help me on the brass rod ? Want me to do some more measurements ?

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