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WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

Article about: That is a carbie , my guess is from a generator of some sort as it looks like a side draught {sorta like an SU carbie}

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    Default WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    Hey guys

    With only a week to go before my baby is due, I am cramming in a couple of last visits before I am grounded for 3 months by the wife !

    This visit to my usual WW2 airfield came up with some unusual finds, one of which I need help with !

    The nettles are still high and brambles thick but I am so used to being stung and scratched now that I don't notice it until I get home and the missus exclaims 'BLOODY HELL ! Look at the state of your ARMS !!!'

    Despite the number of visits to this airfield I am still finding alot of relics on every's going to be years before I clear the place !

    Anyways.............onto the finds.

    Firstly before any cleaning.

    And then the smaller stuff after cleaning......

    And now the bigger stuff.

    Firstly, an American water bottle !! I was dead chuffed when this came out the ground ! Despite the fact it is in a sorry old state, I think it is one of the best finds I've made at the site. You can just make out a 'US' stamp as well

    And now what I think is a carburettor.

    However, I am by know means an expert on such things and it could prove to be a bit of old water/gas pipe !

    There is a stamp on it which I believe reads 'ALEMITE' but it is difficult to read.

    Is it a carburettor ? And if so, anyway of telling what it's off ? I think it's too small to be off an aircraft engine but then again I have the same knowledge about engines as I have about 'dark matter'.

    A few odds and sods which I can't identify although the circular thing may be a filter housing off a gask mask (What do you reckon gasmasksuk ?), and the bent piece is almost certainly a bit of airframe.

    On this visit to the airfield I finally tracked down the MG range (this is different to the Cannon Butts I had previously identified), and found a shed load of small arms cartridges and spent bullets. There are plenty more there as I only managed to get to a small area due to the undergrowth.

    .45 calibre cartridges.........

    .30 calibre cartridge, .30calibre M1 carbine cartridges, one 9mm cartridge and the remains of a .303

    After searching the new area I went back to the area I have previously searched 4 times. This area has so far yielded most of my exciting finds (e.g. the Merlin exhaust ports and 20mm/50cal bonanza !!), and it is STILL yielding finds.

    .50 cal cartridges.........

    And 20mm cartridges.

    AND the tip off a 20mm projectile, this time MINUS the gain so perfectly safe

    After cleaning it also showed itself to be very nicely stamped with a makers mark, date and lot number !

    KOP 12 -42 LOT K7

    So a decent visit again !

    I want to try and get back ONCE more before the baby comes. It's due next Thursday 27th August. It's gonna be close but I should do it !!

    Hope you like the finds and can help with the carburettor, if that is what it is

    Steve T
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 20mm.JPG   20mm nose.JPG  

    30 cal 9mm.JPG   45 cal.JPG  

    50 cal.JPG   After cleaning 1.JPG  

    American WB 1.JPG   before cleaning.JPG  

    bullets.JPG   Carburettor 1.JPG  

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    iron cross

    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    nice finds mate I also have no clue what that piece is your guess of being a carburater is a good guess. thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    I'm not too sure about that piece that you think is part of a gas mask, looking at it I thought the same, but the piece I thought it might have been (Inside of the inhale/exhale assembly of the MKIV Service Respirator) has 6 holes in it. Whats the sizes of that piece anyway, I'll keep a look out for it, and I'll get back to you if I find anything



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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    It's probably about 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter Danny....

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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    Thats pretty much the same size as the piece I have in mind, so you could be right, it might be a piece of an earlier version. But as always with this kind of item was there any other pieces in the same area as it? It might make identification easier as with all the gas mask relics I've dug, its usually been a little pile of parts, ie lenses, filter exhale/inhale assembly.


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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    Yep my guess to Steve, it looks like a carb to me. As to the brand again I'm guess here a bit but it looks like Alemite, which was a manufactuer around during WWII I think they were taken over by Stuart Warner. Plus from memory my under the hood grease gun (no not the sub-machine gun ) on the jeep was one of there's.

    BTW Nice WWI pattern M1910 Canteen

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    Nige H - Thanks mate Ade will probably be able to tell at a glance if it is a Jeep component As for the water bottle....she's a beauty ain't she !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    neat old relics from the past

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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    Looks like a small engine carb to me too. Never seen an original Jeep carb, but with that 90 degree bend in it, it looks more like its off a small air-cooled engine. Drone engine maybe?

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    Default Re: WW2 Airfield - Cool finds and one strange one !

    Hi Steve, nothing much to add as the lads have got it all covered. But it looks like another great visit!

    Good luck on the forthcoming baby!

    Cheers, Ade.

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