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WW2 Airfield.....TAKE 3 !!!!

Article about: Hey guys I wasn't intending to return to my airfield for a while, but when i got hold of the original Air Ministry plans (thanks Paul !!), I felt compelled to return as I could now pinpoint

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    Nice finds! I have to think one of these days you will find something special!!

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    .....I think everything i find is special

    It's been in the ground for 65 years and my research brings me to the spot where items have been lost/discarded or used in battle. Anything from this historic time is special in my eyes.

    <-----goes downstairs to look at his finds cabinets and tell his finds that reich-looter didn't mean what he said.


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    'Tis a tap for getting into a tight spot, hole deeply recessed or are heavily obstructed, (cluttered area). The flutes are for the chips to clear the tap itself and not clog or bugger the new threads. Thread 'chasers', (restorers), for redefining slightly buggered threads, have a less sharp tooth profile so they do not cut, they just push the thread metal back into place. This appears to e a tap rather than a chaser. When taps are not properly lubricated, they snap off__usually at the threaded part of the tap, this one has marks because it somehow snapped or was otherwise damaged at the 'drive' end, rather than the 'tap' end, and was then turned in or out with the equivalent of a pair of Vice Grips or perhaps a small pipe wrench.

    Hard alloys snap easily, but usually in the smaller diameter range. This one is a pretty large diameter, but subject to the same stresses. Depends just what they were tapping too. Hard iron or steel alloys can be quite tough and poor luvrication of the area being tapped can be fatal for the tap.

    My best guesses--from long and painful field experience.
    Great stuff!

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    WOW ! Thanks very much fallsoff And welcome to the forum I can't believe this was from 2008......only seems like yesterday

    Steve T

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