Hello people.

We have had some great weather over here in Greece so I've been quite busy.
I think I found a spot where the occupants of the bunker dumped their garbage... Yes I know... but there are things sticking out of the ground that I can't leave there, the next rain would wash everything into the sea. Unfortunately all iron relics are falling apart and are too corroded to mess with, but I find plastic, wires, animal bones, broken glass and copper and bronze relics.
So here are some pics of my recent finds I'm not sure about.

WW2 finds  German/Italian beach bunkers, please help IDWW2 finds  German/Italian beach bunkers, please help ID

The top items are screw-caps for different tubes (the brown one I have IDed as a french period shaving cream), the black ones look like the caps off the medical tubes the german soldiers were provided with, right?
First one I think is the tip fragment from a bullet. This one I found unexpectedly on the other side of the cove the bunker is located at, among a pile of rock rubble...

The other items include a quite mysterious (to me...) hook thing with a piece of wire still on it, a bronze or brass item that looks like part of a clasp(?) or a latch(?), (it has two small holes on the straight part the other part is convex so in cross section it has an "s" shape) and a very thin piece of brass with an embossed "rib" running along it's middle.

Any ideas what these objects are? The ruler is in cm.

Thank you for any help in advance.