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Yesturdays swamp digging + Todays rally

Article about: Wow, that is one little piece of history you've got going there. Great find Regards, Finn

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    Default Re: Yesturdays swamp digging + Todays rally

    Wow, that is one little piece of history you've got going there. Great find

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    Default Re: Yesturdays swamp digging + Todays rally

    I'm currently awaiting spinal surgery and can't get out properly at the mo' , so chances are somewhat slim unfortunatly.

    Regarding coins on e-bay, I agree that it's a good way for collectors to get hold of items but to be the person to actualy make the find is somewhat more important to me. When I've seen "Roman Coins" in various shops and at times asked where they were found, the answer has all too often been "don't know, someone brought them in to sell". The provenance is lost.


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    Default Re: Yesturdays swamp digging + Todays rally

    Hi John, very nice pieces you have there, the Three lions horse pendant is a bridle and bit decoration which hung from the side of the horses mouth, A few years ago Time Team were on a dig and they found almost an identical one just outside the remains of a hill fort and where the draw bridge would have been, theres had remnants of enamelling after cleaning

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    Default Re: Yesturdays swamp digging + Todays rally

    Cheers Dave i will have to look out for that episode

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