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Your digging equipment

Article about: Steve, thanks for that - I will check with the airline but i think it should generally be ok. I will probably post the stuff back and im only intending to pick up uniform parts, etc which ar

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    thanks for that - I will check with the airline but i think it should generally be ok.

    I will probably post the stuff back and im only intending to pick up uniform parts, etc which are not ammo.

    I'll be flying with Easyjet to the Czech Republic. Anyone has any experiences with this airline about MD?

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    I travel all the time with Easy Jet to Estonia and have brought asll manner of items back in my case , no problems.

    Hand luggage is different as Steve says definately nothing like an entrenching tool or similar would be allowed.

    Helmets !! yes , once brought through 5 in a rucksack from Eesti , from Russia also but in Russia it can be on the whim of the security guy.

    As for the MD it has to go in the hold,


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    Ok....enough messing about.

    This is what i take whenever I go metal detecting.

    1. Two garden spades (lady's size). These are smaller than normal garden spades but just as good. You can probably see I have snapped both just above the metal neck and then repaired them once I got home. This had the effect of making them even lighter and easier to use ! No need to grovel on your hands and knees with a small trowel......dig stuff up whilst standing ! One I take with me, the other I leave in the car in case I snap one

    2. A small hand axe. I was once caught out by a tangle of very thick tree roots in the Ardennes and had to leave an ammo tin in the ground. I shall never be caught out like this again so carry this little feller.

    3. A trowel. Excellent for slow, careful digging around fragile objects. You will see me use it in many of my videos.

    4. A hand spade. Again, for more precision digging AND carried in case I break a spade

    5. An odd shaped tool to hook out difficult to reach finds (e.g. under tree roots where taking the axe to the root will destroy the relic)

    6. A scythe. This has JUST been added to my tools as I was caught out last week by some seriously thick undergrowth. Going back tomorrow tooled up with this beauty....WATCH OUT UNDERGROWTH !

    And that's it.

    WAIT ! Actually I also always carry a map and aerial photos of the area I am digging, a compass, a bottle of water and some sandwiches just in case I get peckish.

    Now that's what i CALL equipment !

    Steve T
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Your digging equipment  

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    Many thanks for all the posts, advice and taking time to post photos. very very insightful.

    Yeah, checking in the MD to me is a no-no as i think they'll probably just chunk it and I dont have a proper padded box to store it from damage.

    The only way i see is to hand carry. I'll have to take the risk and speak to the airline about the sensitivity of it. the thing is Easyjet has a regulation concerning the size of hand carry luggage....

    Has anyone else had experience hand-carrying a detector with Easyjet or with European airlines?

    Or problems with the Czech officials?

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    I have returned from the trip and didnt have any problems - only thing was that I had to check in the detector as its length exceeded that for a hand carry.

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    glad to hear it. Now let's see those finds !

    Steve T

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