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The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg

Article about: Originally posted in Leibstandarte Interesting that the box is really over 60 years was hidden under ground.

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    Default Re: The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg

    That is insane!!! How was the box discovered? Who discovered it? What is being done with the contents? Any idea who buried it there?

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    Default Re: The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg

    Haqs the owner of this grouping attempted to research the officer's name through NARA? His dossier is likely filed away somewhere in the Washington DC area. Do you know what has happened to this grouping since it's discovery?


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    I know that sigars was smoked by the friends of the founder. This is not a first box from that area, another one of the Pz pionier was discovered about 8 years ago and items in the hands of one of the Russian collectors ( he found some parents members too). I don't think that they was discover the name, but by the dog tag number can be easily found over the WASt

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    Default Re: The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg

    Is this true.I dont belive my eyes.
    Keep digging.

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    I just do not know what to I am, digging up M24 StGr's while I should be overthere finding cases like this!
    I believe its the real thing; the thick rubber seal on the box would make the box airtight enough, and keep the gear from decompossing. How did the mold get in the box if its airtight? Maybe it was moist on the leather when he put the stuff in, I dont know if thats possible.
    Would be really great to track down the owner, or his family, and to find out it was a story running through the family that granddad burried his belongings in Russia during the war.
    I hope its true and that the family will be located and we will hear about the story behind it.
    If its not true, please dont tell me; this is going to be in my dreams for a while now.

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    Exclamation Ther are still thousands of boxes like this yet to be found

    many people buried the evidence of an, shall we say, "inconvienient past" in boxes like these... many more buried their valubles to keep them safe from the invaders. Many of those people did not survive the war and those boxes and their history still remain to be found.

    There are 2 milk containers filled with art and writing etc. by prisoners of Auschwitz long gone up the stacks that are still yet to be found. 5 others were. A large horde remains in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto but it has yet to be found.

    A friend of mine , an AF pilot was stationed in Berlin just after the end of hostilities. he said that the germans would line their valubles up for sale near the Tempelhoff airport runway. One item in demand as trade for food or cash were large grandfather clocks. He told me this story as I stood before the clock he aquired there. He and another pilot were trying to decide between 2 different clocks... one of which was the one I saw. He had rank so the first choice was his. he made it. The other officer got the other clock. When the clocks were being disassembled for shipment back to the states they had to disassembled and pack the clock's counterweights. The counterweights on the clock he DIDN"T choose turned out to be filled with SOLID GOLD.
    Even 50 years later it still gauled him!

    Most of this stuff has yet to be found... and when it is it's a window back to a terrible time... When one sees the artifacts brought up from those holes filled with human remains one tends to forget the agony, fear, gore and horror that filled those final postures.

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    Default Re: The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg

    Real or not real,those cigars(dutch) you still can find them here in the Netherlands in old sigaret/cigar shops

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    Quote by jim arrasmith View Post
    All To Fresh,all To New.for Me To Believe.

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    It looks like there is a rubber gasket in the lid of the box, so if the soil drained well, it is entirely possible.

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    Wasn't there a post somewhere where the rum was not available until the 50's? according to the company that produced it?...

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