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The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg

Article about: Originally posted in Leibstandarte Interesting that the box is really over 60 years was hidden under ground.

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    Other screenshots from the video, I cannot seem to link it here..
    But here are some more images from the video. Maybe you know of it, Dimas?
    I cannot say these are all from the same dig, but maybe the same group of diggers? Either way, they are from the same video.
    I am intrigued , to say the least
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg   The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg  

    The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg   The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg  

    The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg   The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg  

    The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg   The Zahlmeister's box, found in Koenigsberg  

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    I've personally found some of the similar boxes, which preserve the internal items. One was a MG- Kast, with some cotton cloth inside, perfectly salvaged. And one was a shiffchen found in the gasmask cannister, also in perfect shape. I did not have a questions about this box, even I have tested the sigar from this box. If someone would make a fake " treasury", much simplier to make the Heeres infanterist box, and more valuable is a SS box. This cannot give more value, even found as it was hidden from the eyes 70 years ago

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Dimas, remember that most people have never found anything using a metal detector, so it is somewhat hard to believe items can be preserved after so long time in the ground.

    I have found a bronce macehead from the 1200s deep in the ground still having a broken of piece, of perfectly intact wood inside the handle, broken of in battle/fight- Who knows. Anyway that should also be impossible.

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    For me a real find i have seen also alot of boxes with rubber seal still in place and items inside in like new condition

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    Im not saying its real or that its fake.

    One one hand, why bother faking rather mundane items. On the other hand, why bury genuine rather (unimportant and) mundane items, if one was in headlong flight mode from the Russians with scant chance of ever recovering said items.

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    I used to buy leather flying clothing and advertise in local papers, and my best set of british world war two clothing came from a box very much like that in a barn. Basically the guy who was selling the stuff had been given all his brother in laws flying clothes in 1947 in the box and just never opened the box again for 50 years .I asked why he said well I had a motorbike I wore the stuff for about 3 weeks, my wife to be wanted a car so I got a car and just never knew what to do with this stuff until I saw your advert. Stuffs out they but its just finding it

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    Yep, its out there. Amazing, what is found.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Interesting, is there any up dates?

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    Some more info as regards the fantastic box and fantastic story
    Man Unearthed Forgotten Nazi Hideout Which Stayed in the Ground for 70 Years | English Russia
    Not in the area of Koenigsberg but in the suburban village of Bishkek - different part of the former Russian empire, Kyrgyz Republic. Never ever reached by the Wehrmacht, except POW's.
    Non oficial info - some rumors say that it was a fake and even the finders admitted that... But who knows? ))

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