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1907 bayonet

Article about: any info welome

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    Default 1907 bayonet

    1907 bayonet1907 bayonet
    any info welome

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    While I cannot comment on the authenticity of this with any experience as they are faked, although it does look OK to me, I can tell you that it is a 1907 bayonet with the hooked quillon still present making it rather rare. The hooked quillons were removed after 1913 I think. Who is the maker?
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    Default hooked bayonet

    1907 bayonet
    i dont know much about bayonets so no idea of maker

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    Thats Ok, looks like the maker is Enfield. If you are interested in finding out what some of the markings mean I recommend this site:

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    I just sold one the same! Turned out to have the not so common tear shaped scarbard hanger, oppossed to the round one. Mine I sold for 50 euros.

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    Is the date 7'09?

    Looks pretty genuine to me, I think the N means naval use. The scabbard looks brown and I think I read that the early ones were brown but were stained black later. Also some Aussie scabbards were Brown I believe. The tear shaped ones are the earlier type and button round type are later. Both variations are for sale at WWA.

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    Nice P1907 hooked, EFD made 1909 probabyl with normal WW1 scabbard, looks ok to me.When bought in similar range so a really steal.Normally they goes in 2xx range.

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    Looks good to me. Early variant, rather scarce. I agree that N is for Naval, a friend has a N marked SMLE.

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