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ak 47 bayonet

Article about: evening all ,ive recently picked up this akm type 11 bayonet and scabbard ,the steel scabbard has the rubber insulator ,i cant see any markings or stamps ,it has been mentioned over on the n

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    Quote by James C View Post
    ... a TR period parade/dress bayonet ,private purchase as it has no maker marks unfortunately ...
    The frog stud says, its probably an WKC !

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    Quote by Richie B View Post

    AK bayonet website which may be of interest.

    AK BAYONETS HOME - AK Bayonets Of The World
    many thanks richie ,that link is superb

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    Quote by militariaone View Post
    Greetings James,

    Im with Gunny that it (your AK Bayo) is an Egyptian Made variant. The hardware is exactly the same and too with the excessive use of epoxy filler oozing at various joints. Below are the Brown and Black handled variants.



    Attachment 611116
    thanks on the confirmation of egyption issue lance ,i too see lots of epoxy remnants ,cheers james

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    Quote by Reibert View Post
    The frog stud says, its probably an WKC !
    many thanks reibert on its likelyhood a Weyersberg,Kirschbaum &Co,Solingen i cant see any serial numbers or inspector stamp on the bayonet or scabbard ,thanks for your thoughts ,james

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