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any help on this spear?

Article about: Hello. Was at a farm auction 3 miles from my house about 2 weeks ago. Picked up everything that was military at the sale. Only 25 people showed up and had no idea what I was buying. The auct

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    Thanks guys I will get it under the big glass and see if can find any marks. You guys suggest any site to look at?
    I will post the sword but I think it is just common WW2 officers sword 30/40's era. Need to get a handle for it though.
    Maybe someone will help me with that?

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    I,m thinking this could be Indian Lancers, possibly Bengali, its pretty much the type used by their Horsemen

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    Cool! Good place for me to start looking at for it and maybe contact point to look it up.
    After 35 years of picking I still get amazed by what turns up at these rural Iowa farm auctions.

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