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Australian issue M7 bayonet

Article about: Hello all, Here are some pics of my recently acquired US made Australian issue M7 bayonet for the M16 and F88 Austeyr rifles. I've wanted one of these for a while and they don't seem to pop

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    I had a look at the bayonet in question it looks pretty good, used but not abused. These were often unit repaired with later Ontario and Lan Cay parts such as pommel and handle etc. It doesn't look like this has happened but you cant tell without better photos (might not worry you unless you are pedantic). The last one I saw on US eBay about 6 months ago in similar condition went for $360 but its cheaper than you would find in Australia. I also have a Lithgow SMLE 1941 made, so nothing wrong with bolt actions but I would like to play with more modern rifles, so I am jealous of your collection especially the SLRs. What year is your SMLE? I and I'm sure a few others here would love to see photos of your Australian items if you can find the time to post them.

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    Bayonets aren't my strong point, and I'm only new to this game of collecting, so although I used an M9 briefly back in my choco days I don't recall enough to be able to tell genuine from refurbed.
    So I am pedantic, but sometimes I just suck it up and accept what I can get my hands on. Such as the 1952 FTR 1917 Bayonet for my No1MkIII*. The bayonet is 1944, as is my SMLE which is all matching, and has no import marks. As for the SLR's one is a 1963 replica parts build, that has to have a certain number of US made components to be legal. The other is 100% all Aussie, and quite collectible. I don't want to take your thread off topic, so I'll provide links to my posts with pics. Once I get (fingers crossed) the M9 Bayonet I'll make a new post, hopefully with it fitted to my AUG A1 (which unfortunately I just haven't got around to taking photos of and posting), plus I need to add the bayonet lug.

    Olive AUG A3 CQC

    The FAL Files - View Single Post - Aussie/Nz contract build photo thread

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