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axis fighting knife?

Article about: In a US WWII vet lot I purchased there is included a bayonet that was converted to a fighting knife. On the inspection documents it calls out a german bayonet but this knife and sheath may n

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    Hello friends! I am about to buy this ww1 turkish bayonet and i have some doubts. For instance the absence of an id number. Maybe i am mistaken but if someone understands please give advise.
    axis fighting knife?axis fighting knife?axis fighting knife?axis fighting knife?axis fighting knife?

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    Take into consideration that the officer in charge and who wrote this paper / receipt,,is not a Military historian and IMO has no experience in discerning the difference in bayonets,,guns or anything else. At the time of the end of the war,, there was guns daggers bayonets etc etc.. laying all over the place,, and then assumed being German because of the end of the war. Mistakes have been made in authenticating certain firearms taken back home by the GI because the Sgt in charge,,would accidentally think that a P08 was a serial number on a Luger,, when it was a type of German pistol. These guys were not trained for this and just pretty much wrote anything down ..on what they saw first,, just to keep things moving. So IMO this may have been an oversight on the officer who wrote that receipt for the bayonet. I have to agree with Walkwolf that this looks more American made. I will Move this to the Bayonet forum for further discussion unless someone can identify the origin of this bayonet. I would be more than happy to bring it back here to Edged weapons forum if evidence shows it as such. Regards Larry
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