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Article about: i have no idea what it is , got this at flea market , no idea what it is if its real, not sure what forum this belongs in!! Help all knowledgable edged weapons experts thanx Emerika

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    Default Bayonet

    i have no idea what it is , got this at flea market , no idea what it is if its real, not sure what forum this belongs in!!
    Help all knowledgable edged weapons experts

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    From Argentina, right? Regardless, nice bayonet.

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    i guess ? modelo argentino..1891 serial # or year?...what about the solingen marking? did they make it for argintina?

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    Yeah, they did. It was an export bayonet, which went for the Argentinian(? spelling ?) rifle. Where in Ohio are you from. I'm in Cleveland.

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    oh the wonderful little shit hole of mansfield!!! so we r kind of neighbors!

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    You made me laugh. It isn't that bad though. I have a friend who lives there. I guess in his neigborhood it is nice. Not so sure about the rest.

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    ehh, there are some decent parts, i guess its more the people that make it a shithole! you dont happen to work in a tat shop do ya? im sure there are many more collectors in the stinky cleve that the one i met

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    and, id really like to go to a good militaria show, if you know of any could you let me know?

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    Well, there is the Show Of Shows in Kentucky, February of this year. I am going. The Ohio Gun show near you and I have a lot of militaria. Usually at good prices. I really don't work, because I'm 14. I wish I could.

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    Default Re: dagger/sword

    I believe this bayo is, well..... simply an Argentine military forces rifle bayo. The bayo is designated as a Model 1891 in the Argetine military vernacular (probably designed as an early K98-esque German design). As you guys know, it was manufactured in Germany, by Weyersberg in the industrial Ruhr city of Solingen, for export to Argentina to be used as a rifle bayo. My guess, and i'm not 100% certain, is that the Argentine military were using 7.65 mm Mauser rifles as thier standard military service long gun. As you know, Argentina, especially under the presidency of Juan Peron, had strong ties with Germany. In many respects, they still do and they have a diverse populous with many Europeans from all over Europe as citizens. I can't give you a date of manufacture, but i'm guessing from the late 40's or early 50's. In place of the wooden grip plates typically associated with the '98 pattern bayo, and also likely associated with the Argentine 1891 for that matter, we see an aluminum composite instead. Perhaps Argentina preferred the use of less corrosive and rot prone materials for use in both the Argentine Navy and other Army forces. Also, perhaps because Argentina is a coastal nation the military hardware would be more subject to saltwater corrosion.

    Bill G and a couple of the other bayo guys can probably give you some better info.
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