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Article about: Aj son in law recently inherited a number of items. Among them this bayonet. Could anyone provide information on this?

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    Default Bayonet?

    Aj son in law recently inherited a number of items. Among them this bayonet. Could anyone provide information on this?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Bayonet?   Bayonet?  

    Bayonet?   Bayonet?  


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    AT first look ww1 k98 late bayo not for sure wait for more opinions.

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    It looks like Weimar accepted and probably a later rework as is overall blued, the bayonet itself probably was never accepted in WW1.

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    WW1 Mauser bayonet, they also did a version with the saw on it, but that was really fround upon
    so most had them ground off. they are commonly called a butcher bayonet as they have the same shape blade, your bayonet is in very good condition and would be good in any collection.

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    S98/05 bayonet by CITO, certainly one of the rarer makers of the S98/05

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    Thank you for your help and sharing your knowledge.

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    this is a german S98/05n.A. (Seitengewehr 98/05 neuer Art), made by Cito Köln.

    After the use in the imperial Army, this exemple were used in the reichswehr (Stamp "1920") By a order of 1934, the bayonets had to blued und modifed. Such a "after 1934" example you have.

    Until 1937/38 the S98/05 were not longer in service by the aktive units.

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    beutifull bayonet in wonderfull condition
    i had one just like it when i was a kid also i had the saw back version ,, sold them in my daft times about 1974
    along with about 15 german daggers and many beutiful helmets
    chriss farlow made a lot out of me back then

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    Hi Ian,
    i remember his shop in london we used to go and do some deals with him, i think he thought he knew everything about everything back then. But hay it was his shop, lol, i sold my first collection in the seventies IE, 71 when i got married, but have more now than ever,

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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    yea ,, call to arms ,,upper st islington london
    i dont think its there now ??
    one hit wonder pop star
    babe your out of time i think it was called
    i sold him a beutifull SA dagger that i believe ADE has now

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