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Bayonet help please

Article about: by cornish1 Hi Richie,thanks for the info!,ive had a look on the blade by the hilt and there is definately a 5 there and what looks like a 1 but also looks a bit like a w?,unless its a scrat

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    Panzer1031....Glad you like it and it has sparked that flame up again and thanks for the comments. Its my first Bayo too which makes it extra special to me.Curently looking for my first SA or SS dagger,thats where my heart lies at the moment!.

    ncblksmth1-Bob,sorry mate must of been a different bayo on ebay!,i bought this privately from the son of an old vet who had in his garden shed for the last 90 odd yrs lol..

    All the best

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    Regarding sawbacks, there is a scene in the made for TV movie "All Quiet on the Western Front" from around 1978 where a salty combat vet German (Ernest Borgnine) tells the fresh troops arriving in the trenches that if they are captured wit that sawback the French or Brit troops will really punish hm severely. It implies that the troops did this themselves although I have also seen a few issued weapons with the sawback factory done.

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    great movie i have the original thirties version in black and white ,fantastic book too by eric maria remarque banned in nazi germany at the time for its antiwar views

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    tampalam ...nice one thank you,i havent heard of that film before but will keep a keen eye out for it!. I havent seen much of it in literature or film,its such a fascinating gruesome item i just cant get my head around the fact that they used to use them!...just brings it home somewhat!

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