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Bayonet Identification.

Article about: Hi, Firstly let me say what an informative forum with many knowledgeable people for sure! Which brings me onto my question about a bayonet I have in my possession, which no doubt you good pe

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    Default Bayonet Identification.


    Firstly let me say what an informative forum with many knowledgeable people for sure!

    Which brings me onto my question about a bayonet I have in my possession, which no doubt you good people can answer pretty easily.

    A friend gave it to me, I have no idea where he had it from but told me it is a fair few years old. So I attach a photo or two of it to this post hoping that someone could give me more information about it, like make, age, country it is from, etc.

    I don't know if I will sell it yet, as it seems pointless me keeping it when someone who like's these particular items will cherish it. If I were to sell it has anyone an idea of how much it is worth? Of course depending on the age of it that is.

    The only markings that I can see anywhere on it at all is right on the end of the handle which has a number stamped, "28260"

    I hope I attach the photos correctly!

    Thanks Again

    Best Regards to everyone.

    Bayonet Identification.Bayonet Identification.
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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.


    It's a belgian export bayonet


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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.

    Hello-it's a Belgian M1924 long export Mauser bayonet for the FN24 rifle-made in large numbers and used by various countries that bought or made the rifle from the 1920s on.

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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.

    Both are correct. These are worth around 50-75 dollars at the most. Yours looks like it is in good condition. A nice gift.

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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.

    Thanks ever so much for the replies guys. Its nice to know what it is and where it comes from originally!

    It is in mint condition, especially the blade, not a mark on it. Few minor scratches on the scabbard, but apart from that.

    Not sure whether to keep it now with all the digging up information about it, have become quite attached to it (if that's possible to become attached to a piece of metal!)

    Again thank you all for the information, much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.

    To tell you the truth, I would keep it. It is nice of your friend to give it to you, and It is a cool piece. Maybe this can be a good start of a collection. If you really have no interest, than you should sell it. But before you sell it for 5 dollars at a garage sale, research it so you won't get "screwed over".

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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.

    I agree with BB-it's a fairly good piece that will only increase in value-every year there are more militaria collectors and only the same amount of stuff around-if you don't need the money, hold it for 5 or 10 years and its likely to have doubled or tripled in value. Look after it, keep it away from the damp and coat the blade in petrolleum jelly or similar to prevent rust.

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    Default Re: Bayonet Identification.

    Oh, I forgot to ask this...why did your friend give it to you?

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