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bayonet info

Article about: any ideea about this?

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    Default bayonet info

    any ideea about this?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture bayonet info   bayonet info  

    bayonet info   bayonet info  

    bayonet info  

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    Italian - Model 1938 I think for the Mannlicher Carcano rifle

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    Richie is right
    nice bayonet, not easy to find !!

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    Yes m38 folding bayo for the M38 Short rifle (won't fit on the long m1891 or 1941 rifles)-the folding mechanism is pretty fragile and difficult to make so many were converted to not fold and later made bayos were non folding from the start.

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    In principle it was a great idea as it could be folded on the rifle and popped open for quick access. In physical action it was not robust enough and not a great setup as a weapon. Just as Lithgow said, These were later constructed as non-folding.

    Still an original is much in demand on the major auction sites.



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    Its an ineffectual weapon, more like a butterknife blade and not easy to unfold on the rifle without cutting yourself-I have one about the place but can't locate it at the moment.

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    There is also a rarer version for the Beretta sub machine gun

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