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British Enfield P-1907 Hook Quillon Bayonet

Article about: Hi guys, im not an expert but have a working knowledge of these..this is i believe a British made 1907, 2/1912 Enfield Bayonet,sent to Australia..My understanding this is a N.S.W 2nd distric

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    That's correct about the X mark. And as far as I am aware the bend test is the final test on the blade - hence the final inspection mark. As well as the sold out of service mark - the crows feet set point to point, there is also a condemned mark which was used. a double capital R - the left R being a mirror image.

    Here are a few pictures of the markings on my 1914 dated example. Not as rare as the hooked quillion, but the omission of the oiler hole still makes it a rare early model. The condition of bayonet and scabbard are superb. It is marked to 3rd Battalion Welsh Fusiliers.

    Attachment 686562Attachment 686563Attachment 686565
    Not to be confused with the back to back RR of the Rolls Razor logo.

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    Ok i got the feedback i was after, from a very knowledgable guy "Shippingsteel" on the Great War forum,..."That's a nice looking bayonet you have there ... and a very interesting example to boot. There always has to be an exception that pops up to confuse things, and this is one of those.! It would have been sent out in a batch of late 1911, early 1912 Enfield production bayonets that were shipped to New South Wales. I have others similar dated recorded in my database.These other examples are all marked with the 2MD serial numbers which began to be applied in the years shortly before the war. For some reason this one does seem to have missed out. The D^D marking is usually recognised as an interwar period marking so it is extremely unusual to be seeing this marking on a hookie. But there you go, it must have surfaced again later on."
    Cheers, S>S
    I hope it ok to quote him from another forum..hes very knowledgeable on these
    Australian Bayonets - Arms - Great War Forum

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