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cutdown ww1 british/u.s bayonet

Article about: Hello Guys .A work mate gave me this cutdown it was in the garage when he moved in a good few years ago. Looks like a period piece but ya can never tell have a look see wot ya think. Paul

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    I can't comment on the bayo's but I can retell a story of 5 years ago when a mate went through Oman and bought from an old guy in some remote village a relic Martini Henry repeater. Beauty he thinks until he send photos to experts for validation. Nope, they say, made in India very recently. You can't trust anyone these days, not even crusty old Omani villagers. The Indian and Pakistani fakers are very good at their craft.

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    The ones I looked at were not replicas but of the same quality as the the Rems. I now think maybe they were P07's about the only difference is distance from barrel to the blade. Wished I had bought them. I saw lots of replica rifles like the big martinis some rifles, some shotguns but junk as I brought none of them home. More on hindsight, I have given most of the bayonets away now I only have two left and my son has another one.

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    I spent my 57th birthday in Doha,Qatar, was on R&R from Kandahar

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    I see you guys sometimes wandering around the shopping malls. Not hard to pick out with a bunch of guys with military haircuts looking kind of nervous. I met up with a freind of mine once on R&R from Iraq and he wasn't even allowed to leave the mall! You guys are strict!

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